Dodge SRT-4 Cuda' paint scheme

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  1. Cuda mated with an SRT-4

    This is how mine would look.
  2. Cuda mated with an SRT-4

    one more time
  3. Cuda mated with an SRT-4
  4. Cuda mated with an SRT-4

    How is this "Cuda mated with an SRT-4"?
  5. Thats horrible.
  6. That 'Cuda looks tight. The SRT-4 is just plain wrong.
  7. does the paint look similar to you? that paint scheme came on the 'cudas
  8. Its different <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  9. I guess, but I was hoping for some kind of actual hybrid of the two cars.
  10. I could do that, this is just how I would paint my SRT.
  11. ok when is there a two door srt-4 coming, sick of the 4 doors.
  12. Yes I understand that.
  13. That is not something I want to see. That would be no different than me painting my Intrepid plum crazy purple with white RT stripes on the side.
  14. I know it looks akward, just experimenting on which cars would look good with the old Mopar schemes. Obviously this one looks rather mediocre.
  15. IVe seen the sceme (or how ever you spell it) done right. It was in Sport Compact Cars project SRT-4.

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