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  1. ... the "Let's all try to make a domestic car and see if it'll ever get close to beating a Miata." club.

    So GM has the Solstice and the Sky, Dodge now has this (admittedly rather pretty) thing and the rest of the world knows better than to even try.
  2. When are they gonna come up with a new design for anything? Every car they've released for the past decade looks exactly the same as this ugly piece of shit. And why the hell do they put truck grills on all their cars?
  3. WTF are you talking about? Looks like nothing in their current showcase/production line. Its not a truck grill, its an oversized grill, for brand identity, and so it doesnt look like a gay ass miata, 350Z, or other feminine design.

    Nice to see the Demon name. Needs turbo. Hopefully DC will ignore the panzies that fear/are offended by the name this time. And i wanna see a little red guy with a pitch fork.
  4. The Demon was not a roadster back in the day, it was a kickass, powerful muscle car. Way to ruin the name & legacy of the Demon, DC. Just like they did with the new Charger.
  5. Sorry, it somehow reminds me too much of a Honduh S2K.
  6. Well the charger was ruined when it came out as a 4-banger compact. It was the last generation before the one now.
  7. That grill looks absolutely horrendous on a car this size. Just because something works well on trucks and full size sports cars doesn't necessarily mean it will translate to compact cars. Just looks completely out of proportion.
  8. Actually, it looks preety close to the Charger.
  9. DEMON WAS A PONY CAR!!! It was 340 powered, and good ones weighted around 2900 pounds. People also claimed 20+ MPG. This is closer than you would like to think.. it just needs more power to embody the power to weight the demons and dusters were all about.. and a red dude with a pitchfork.
  10. what does? the grill? its called brand identity like i said, likely the only reason they did it.
  11. Yeah i though the same thing when i saw the front at first glance
  12. I first saw this and thought wtf. It just doesn't look good to me. Think it kind of looks like a sucker fish (one of these bottom feeding fish. They are all over in the Midwest)
    As for brand identity, I think it goes too far. It just doesn't look good. If it was a little more like the Viper grill (maybe make it smaller), then they might have something
  13. why is everyone complaining so much about the grill? the 1960's shelby cobras have a similarly proportioned grill and no one seems to bi tch about it.
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    You're correct about the Cobra grill being similarly proportioned. The proportions are not the only thing that make this look awful. It is the downturned edges on the grill, giving a saddened, emasculated look. Compare to the 1973 Dodge Challenger:

    It is simply not a good look for a car. Not a quarter century ago, not today. Period.
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    it looks pretty mean to me... kinda like a bullfrog tho.
  16. At 2600 lbs, this car could be a contender.
  17. At 2600 lbs, this car could be a contender.
  18. the new charger looks pretty good, IMO. i owuldnt buy one because i'd rather have a mustang. but this doesnt pay homage to its predecessor.
  19. Brand Identification? Whats wrong with a simple logo? Haven't Dodge ever heard of that? While it is a truck grill, I must admit, on the Viper, it is decent, but everything else they have put it on sucks.

    Its like Pontiac with their horrendous grills and hoods. Who thought of that? Well, most Pontiacs are ugly anyway, even if they had a normal grill/hood combo

    And as for the Shelby, it has a beautiful, uninterupted grill, except maybe by those little bumper things, but they are hardly notcible compared to a huge plus sign smack dab in the middle of this contraptions grill.

    And although some of these are not Dodges, it looks just like every concept car they've released in the past few years, plus the 300, Magnum, and Charger, only for those last 3, this one was beaten with an ugly stick.
  20. Everyone keeps mentioning the Miata and 350Z when this looks nonthing like either, and it could never hope to look like either, even if the new Miata sucks more than the old one.
  21. idk why yall raggin on this car when its just flat out awesome..except for the fact that it needs a turbo (unlikely for dodge) and so minor design flaws (wheel well)..other than that it would make a great car!
  22. idk why yall raggin on this car when its just flat out awesome..except for the fact that it needs a turbo (unlikely for dodge) and so minor design flaws (wheel well)..other than that it would make a great car!
  23. It's not the looks, you nerf, it's the idea behind it. Its a small, RWD roadster with a I4 engine that weighs little. Just LIKE a Miata.

    God some people are stupid.
  24. i seriously can't understand why people are putting this car down for having the same name as the old pony car. just because it dosn't match the reputation of a car that i wasn't arround to drive dosn't mean that this is a bad car. say what you will about the front end styling, but IF this car goes to production, the srt guys will most likley put a turbo on it and it will hopfully smoke everything else in that class, except a Z4M

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