Does any one no why the took the Ferrari Badge of

Discussion in '1999 Koenig-Specials F50' started by DCSdunks, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. uhh...some people care if the sign is there or not
  2. nobody cares about it.
  3. I care! (almost never.)
  4. ferrari made the company take it off as it has something to do with naming rights etc. it was on top gear years ago when they took it on the autobahns in germany.
  5. they want it to signify its there modified model. (and Ferrari doesnt like copyrights.)
  6. dude wtf is wrong with koenig? they make crap versions of other ppls supercrs
  7.'s not a "Ferrari" car. Therefore Ferrari logos shouldn't be on it. Take RUF for example, they use their own logos instead of Porsche's logo.

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