does anyone else think that current lemans cars

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  1. the ones going for the outright win, are stupidly long? I think we should go back to rules that state they must have a road going version.
  2. I think it's because of this:
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  6. i can't admin you didn't see that coming. +1 to PB
  7. you can't admin you didn't see that coming. +1 to PB
  8. The ACO agrees with you. Well sort of. Starting in 2010, the top level cars will much more closely resemble road going cars than they do now. I don't think we'll see road going versions, but they'll look like real cars instead of insane LMPs.
  9. lol beat me to it
  10. Simply put, they are putting roofs on the current LMP1 cars.

    LMP is a prototype class, they are not roadcars. Using roadcars would simply be too costly, and Le Mans have generally been a race where the prototypes dominate. During the last, say 20-30 years, there have only been a few wins for road cars.
  11. "Using roadcars would simply be too costly."

    Compared to Audi LMP's made of unobtainium?
  12. Audis LMP program isn't THAT expensive, but more importantly, teams like Pescarolo could newer afford to make a "road car" for racing purposes. Only a big car manufacturer has the resources do to that, and since we currently only have two manufacturers in the race, and before Peugeot only one. With the LMP1 cars a small team can afford to make a car. Of course, these cars won't be as fast as the car manufacturers cars, but they still can do it.

    When using "road cars" you end up in a bad circle that drive up costs. Take the 1990-ies as an example. McLaren made their road car, and some people wanted to race it, so they made a race version which eventually led to a Le Mans win. After this win other car manufacturers came, like Mercedes, building even more extreme road cars that aren't really road cars at all but road legal race cars. To be allowed to race, the "road car" must be manufactured in a certain minimum number and this is a huge investment. All this require large resources and the costs escalate since you have to make new "road cars" all the time to stay ahead of the competition.
  13. The only road car that has won at Le Mans in the last fifty years is the McLaren F1.
  14. GT40? numerous Ferrari's in the 60's and 70s?
  15. All of those are race cars that had road going versions made only to homologate the race car.
  16. What ferraris in the 70s?
  17. road going versions, hence roadcars.
  18. roadcars as in developed for the road first; not developed for race and then homologated
  19. Yea, but the McLaren was designed completely as a road car, and raced after (Gordon Murray didn't originally even want to race it).

    The rest were mostly one off barely road legal cars made just so that the race car would legal. I dunno if many of the companies that made them even sold them.

    And as far as the Ferrari comment, road going Ferrari GT cars raced, and likely won in the 60s and 70s, but again, the top class of cars at that time were not road cars, and if they were driven on the streets, it's because there were much less strict laws back in the day and they could just be driven on the street and it wasn't a big deal.
  20. Hey Wouter Lives!
  21. Back in those days a road car was a car with a lights. Since WWII there was not a single car that was developed for the road that won Le Mans outright, with the McLaren F1 as exception. The GT40 was designed as a racing, as were all the Ferraris that won Le Mans outright.

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