Does Anyone have pictures of this car?

Discussion in '2000 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Concept' started by Camaro ZL1, Aug 9, 2002.

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    stop whoring.
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    yo son this car sucks yo. I have a supra with 6000hp and i also have a nissan skyline with 9999hp and it will dust this thing yo.The only car i used to like that was american is the escalade yo all u white boys in ur gay ass whity muscle shiits damn you its gay son.Well off the topic i went to get the escalade and they said one it only comes with 17 inch wheels i thought i came with 28 inch wheels and it only has 145hp son. So now i thinks that shiit is gay son. Euro cars r aight though its pimp to have one of those s something i forgot som like its the mercedes st100 or somein. well the fast and furious was off the hook son i have almost all those cars except 4 that american shit at the end the ferrari dusted tha and the american thing blew up and fliped over son i was like o snaps car r ill yo but american cars r wack yo. So all you white boys out ther son with ur whack ass cars watch out because i will dust u son.
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    yo r;ce burner, u must be really dumb, the widest tires that exist right now are the 24's, last time i checked. plus the escalade comes with like 200 more hp than what you said. and who do you think you are? if you really have all those cars they must be in a picture or something. plus if you want to talk about FAST AND THE FURIOUS and your EUROS which come nothing close to AMERICAN MUSCLE without their mods, and even with their mods they can't take out NO V8 american car. even the mustang gt which totally sux i think can take out your euros. if you were as rich as you said to have bought all of those cars. you would of bought something big like a ferrari, lambo, bentley. but ure just lying so get a life, wait 10 year olds are too young to get a life. so just get out of this site man. btw back to the forum, does anyone have a site where there are pics of the new camaros? and the c6's? its just so hard to find a pic.
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    no racism for all of your asian guys. just that that guy is VERY DUMB, wouldn't you all agree with me?
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    Agreed. He has posted the exact same thing he put on here that he put in a couple of other forums.
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    An Caddy escalade as 345hp stock you dumb #$%#.

    That Camaro is deadly but we all know they can do better than that.
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    Are you stoned off your tits or are you just some stupid arsehole who has no education at all, no cars, no job, no family & no life what so ever? Bet you stole the computer you wrote that reply on....9999Hp? How about no, 6000Hp how about no and Ferrari "dusting" the Charger? That never happened and never would, didn't you hear anything that Vin said? The charger runs 9 flat, and it bloody well looks like it does in the end aswell!!Sorry, should stop talking you cant understand normal english can you.
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    I don't have pictures, but I've got the video
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    you're realy stupid, and you say 'son' to much times. the ferrari didn't even raced the charger, it raced the supra and the ferrari didn't realy seemed interested in racing the supra so it let the supra go away and let it race itself. and the charger only lost because it ramed into a truck.

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