doesn't deserve a v8

Discussion in '2000 Saleen S7' started by XR SICK, Jan 10, 2003.

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    V-8s are more capable than v-12s they are lighter and they dont take up too much space the best motor is a V-10 because it isnt to heavy or too weak then again hemi motors are extremely powerful for a v-8
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    i think he means drag racing on the streets.
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    the Jaguar XJ220 had a TT V6 engine b/c of the lack of funding or something. it would've been awesome if it ended up with the killer V12. Porsche specialise in TT Flat 6s and the only supercar i can think of that Porsche has come up with that does not have a TT Flat 6 is the Carrera GT. if the Cien went into production, i'll say the S7 is still the best American car.
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    Yeah. I guess I didn't look at it that way. But even normal drag racing can be dangerous.
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    yeah i know. thats y its illegal.
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    the v-8 works so run with it....
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    True but a V12 would be tighter
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    True but a V12 would be tighter
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    You're just an idiot...
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    V-12's weigh about 2,000 pounds more and if you want to reach them speeds weigh is so bad
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    its a beautiful car, and a great chassis. Its a pitty though that it has a typical low-tech, dnonisour amercian engine in it.

    Only 2 valves per cylinder, it needs 7 liters to make any speed. At least is had DOHC. Most amercian perfromace cars still use 30 year old single camshaft pushrod technology.
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    What is so much better from a V8 to a V12, if you have a durable engine you can modd it a reach higher speeds compared to a V12, just because of weight, im sure the 4 extra cylinders do generate more torque and a bit more hp but is it really going to match the extra weight of those 4 cylinders?????.........just because its got more cylinders doesent mean it going to be faster!
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    The 2000 salleen s7 can go up to 223 mph, the 2004 s7 can get to 232 mph so wherever u heard 235 i wantto know.
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    And also this years model has an extra 25 hp in it which boosts the top speed by 11 mph. So really if they put a v12 in it yea it would probably be faster but at a loss for reliability and a chance of destroying parts on the chassis. If they wanted to, they could get up to a 1000 hp out of their v8 if they put their minds to it.
  15. Really? where did you get this info and where can i find more info on the New saleen s7?
  16. 917-30 is not a supercar?
  17. its not as easy as strapping cylinders on. it cost them millions to get their V8 through emissions regulations and stuff. they can't just custom make an engine.
  18. 2000 pounds more? the McLaren F1 (which has a V12) weighs 2513 pounds, this Saleen S7 (with a V8) weighs 2756 pounds.
  19. A V10 seems perfect for this car.... but the V8 works just fine.
  20. Saleen is an American. Of course he is going with an American style engine. This car does have a lot of European styling cues. These include two seats and a mid-engine configuration. But we can't forget Saleen is American. He always works on Fords with their v8s, so of course he will use a v8.
  21. I'm glad they have a V8 in this car. This car rocks with a V8.
  23. Drag Racing is for girls, HUH?? Just to let you know Scott Kalitta died on Saturday during qualifying for the Locus Oil NHRA Nationals. Sooo, still think its for girls?!? Oh, btw he was only 46 years old and was doing 300 mph when it exploded and eventually crashed into the courses wall at the other end of the quarter mile runway.
  24. Oh yeah the Ferrari F50 had a 4.7L V10 in it.
  25. To some that have said a V12 or V10 would be the engine of choice for this. Now those engines don't sound to bad but the V12 wouldn't make since in this nor would the V10 either. Besides it has a supremely reliable engine anyways. Plus there's nothing wrong with using 50+ years old OHV tech, if you use more modern technology into it like say, Electronic Fuel Injection(EFI),electronic ignition and perhaps the use of cam-in-cam VVT (Variable Valve Timing) or I-VVT (Intelligent-Variable Valve Timing).

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