Don't say it's slow, cuz

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  1. some early 1900's Ford (read Motor Trend, Nov. 2002, First's) took 72 seconds to go to 60! I can't even imagine that.

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    Don't say it's slow, cuz

    Sounds like the ideal "fall-asleep-behind-the-wheel"-car

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    Ok even though it doesn't say its top speed, I'd estimate it to be 75mph max. That is pretty pathetic considering the v16. I would like to see that car you are talking about too. And I don't read car mag's.
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    72 seconds is good though because that was a land speed record then
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    72 seconds!?!? I'm suprised that they could get to 60, seriously. almost all cars from that era couldn't get to 40.
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    The Model T couldn't even hit 60 mph, but it didn't matter back then. The roads in the cities were crowded, and the roads outside the cities were mud. Plus, the brakes weren't that great.
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    well this is a very slow car for todays standards but ur right back n the day this was probably a fast car cuz there's cars nade then that had 200 ci. that had only 20 hp
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    those who say itŽs slow arenŽt fare. They are stupid enught to compare very much older cars with the cars today...

    I like this car, would really like to se it, and infront of all, hear it!

    would really like to know the torque in this baby!
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    shit man it was made in the early thirties
    most cars toped out at like 55 and when you are in one up in those speeds you feel like the thing is gunna shake apart
    it wasn't about top speed or acceleration back then people just wanted four wheels and some kinda engine
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    shut the hell up you bitches or I'll have to ***** slap you all. The V-16's could easily top out at 100mph. This model is nice but the V-16 7-passenger Imperial Limo was pimp.
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    man i cud ride my bike faster than this
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    not true, the real 0-60 time is about 18 seconds and they could easily hit 80mph even with full sedan coachwork. for the day, 80 wasn't really pracical most of the time anyway, in fact most driving didnt exceed about 40 at any time. also, consider that the car weighs almost 6000 lbs and has the aerodynamics of a sticky brick with a drag chute...hardly anything short of a duesy could touch it then
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    the ford model t has a inline 4, 20bhp. it does 0-40 in 35.8 seconds and its top speed is 42mph. its in top gear june 03
  14. i have the jone 03 issue somewhere

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