Don't try to rob old Russian ladies.

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    A 79-year-old grandmother put a mugger in hospital with a broken arm and concussion when he tried to snatch her handbag during a shopping trip. Tough Nina Rykman pulled back so hard when crook Dmitry Ivanov, 32, grabbed her bag that she dislocated his shoulder. As he fell to the ground the hapless crook cracked his ribs and was left stunned when his head hit the concrete, say police in St Petersburg, Russia. Then to add insult to injury Nina stood over the thief and battered him with her handbag, giving him a black eye. Finally the crook fled and headed straight to casualty where medics patched him up before calling the police. Nina explained: "Since then he has apologised and I forgive him. Actually, I feel a bit sorry for him. I didn't mean to put him in hospital." Central European News / Photonews

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  2. looks like 944turb0 crossed with chris draper and alphonse
  3. why do all european criminals wear adidas track gear?
  4. Haha look at that pencil neck pussy
  5. he got punked by a handbag. she probably cut his balls off and used his scrotum to make another handbag, too.
  6. A wrinkly coin purse
  7. Same reason you remove your rear wiper
    Because you're a pedophile
  8. wrong person there chump
  10. I do see how you could get the citation x-11 confused with this months konegsieggigegg, though the Chevy can actually put it's power down.
  11. I feel sorry for the poor #$%#. I mean that's just sad, he had his ass kicked by a 79 your old chick. HA lol
  12. LOL
  13. Drug abuse often leads to weak physical condition even a 5yo could crack some sweet heroin ribs

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