'Dr. Death' plans to plastinate King of Pop

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    Quote from thelocal.de;

    'Dr. Death' plans to plastinate King of Pop

    Published: 29 Jun 09 12:50 CET
    Online: http://www.thelocal.de/society/20090629-20267.html

    Controversial Body Worlds creator Gunther von Hagens plans to preserve the late Michael Jackson’s body in a dancing pose for display using his plastination process, a spokesperson told The Local on Monday.

    Shortly after the legendary pop entertainer was pronounced dead in Los Angeles, von Hagens released a statement revealing his personal assistant had been contacted by an anonymous member of Jackson’s management team about plastination some six months ago.

    “During the phone conversation we were told about Michael Jackson’s interest to become plastinated after his death,” the statement said, adding Body Worlds did not confirm the King of Pop’s interest because the caller wished to remain anonymous and the body donation form is available online.

    The validity of the call “is soon to be seen,” the statement added.

    On Monday, Institute for Plastination press spokesperson Christiane Casott told The Local the organisation is still awaiting confirmation the King of Pop wanted to become plastic.

    Von Hagens promised the late 50-year-old’s family that his body would be preserved through plastination for “a didactic eternity,” and would be conducted free of charge.

    “The pose would be a dancing one, to be determined by the family in detail,” he added.

    The provocative 64-year-old, known as “Dr. Death” in Germany, is infamous for transforming the bodies of people and animals into exhibition pieces for his Body Worlds exhibitions. He recently caused a stir this May in Berlin where his show, “The Cycle of Life" featured dissected corpses having sex.

    Click here for a photo gallery of the Body Worlds exhibition.

    Kristen Allen (kristen[email protected])
  2. He's already plastinated..like a living mannequin or something.
  3. They should have him lie in state like Vladimir Lenin. But place him at his ranch next to the little boy's room.
  4. I would pay for that.
  5. "“The Cycle of Life" featured dissected corpses having sex"

  6. just google it.

    Pretty #$%#ed up shit, but if you look at it with a open mind its pretty amazing, after all, thats what we are, just a pile of meat.

    I would rather have my brain cut carefully into 10 slices and placed in a well aired enviroment for exibition than have it end up all over the asphalt like I seen some bikes end up.
  7. Just click on the freaking link.
  8. I didn't know you could slice hot air :p
  9. I'm foamin bro!
  10. Germans LOL
  11. From medical and artistic standpoints body worlds is fascinating. I missed it in Vancouver, but I really would love to go sometime.

    I don't understand the controversy. It isn't a matter of respect for the dead and I don't see it as being voyeuristic as some people have complained. If anything, this sort of an exhibit makes its audience consider the certainty and finality of death and also marvel at how complex animal life is. Yeah, humans are animals.

    Hopefully the exhibits make people think about death in a meaningful way and abandon the WASP-ish conception of death that have come to prevail in western society post discovery of germ-theory. Death is far too clean and processed these days to the point where the 'bereaved' need never actually spend any time with the physical manifestation of death - the icky corpse. Rather than take a moment and reflect, families can have the blanket drawn, and the corpse whisked away to the fridge, then stuffed in a box and finally conveyored into the furnace. Nice huh. I'm not suggesting that we bury the dead beneath our beads so that we will sleep with their spirits as was done at catalhoyuk. But honestly, even from an atheistic standpoint I prefer the Mexican attitude. We need to move away from this "corpses are gross" mentality. Seeing a dead body should not be a traumitizing experience. Seeing a mangled body, maybe. Seeing someone get killed, sure. But seeing someone dead... not so much. It's a fact of life and if it puts people in the awkward position of contemplating their own mortality thats good.

    Anyway, aside from the obvious irony of Jacko being plasticized -or is that plastinated?- this is pretty cool. Also, is no one else sorta interested to confirm their suspicion that he was hung like a hamster?
  12. Awesome if true!

    I would like the dance pose to be of him holding his crotch style.
  13. Germans have the best ideas, fact. No wonder we're called inovators :-O
  14. they mean in general, not you specificly.
  15. fekk ur couch nuwkr
  16. Since he probably is 99% plastic, they should melt him into Lego's.
    That way the KIDS could play with him.

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