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  1. Hey guys, why doesn't anyone (tuners and tuning companies alike)ever use the S2000 to go drifting? It only weighs 56 more lbs than a Nissan S15 Silvia, which is used commonly along with the Corolla in the drifting world. It's lightweight, and is RWD, a perfect combination for drifting, sure maybe not as good as a Corolla but should still be a serious competitor. Yet I have not seen one used for drifting yet. Is it because it's a convertable and if it flips there goes the car and the driver? Safety is a impoprtant part in drifting, but other that the fact it is a convertable does anyone know why it isn't used as a drifter? I have read about the concept version of this car and Honda claimed that it had perfect 50/50 wait distribution. That was the concept of this though, so it may not be 50/50, but it's probably near so that would make it an even better drifter wouldn't it?
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    I wouldn't disagree with that, your point is pretty much valid and it doesn't have to be the convertable, you can just put on the hardtop but it will most likely gain weight
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    The reason why S2000 isn't all that good for drifting is becuz it doesn't have much torque. ALso, it's rear tires are too wide for to drift. And I heard that it's hard to catch it when the car does drift.
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    I am sure that this car could would drift well, but I have never tried it with a high revving car. Usually I have to use the Vette. Still got the original tires from '84!
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    I dont really think you need much torque when drifting, if you can make the wheels spin fast enough it should be pretty easy. And who said It had to keep the stock tires?
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    Well as far as revving and torque go, if you have ever watched someone drift from the interior view, or even Initial D, they will shift down by hitting the clutch and the brake at the same time shifting weight to the front, and because they shift down, the engine should be redlining, then they turn at the apex. So I don't think low end power or torque would be much of a problem because usually when they drift they redline anyways.
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    Nicely explained
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    Thank you! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    If I had enough karma I would rate you +1 but I guess not
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    I dunno, but that's wut i heard from one of the best motoring's test drivers.
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    Torque is not really a matter when comes to drifting, If you can drift with the Civic Hatchback then you might as well can drift with the S2000 and at the weight it weighs, I wouldn't be surprised If you we're succesful at drifting in one
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    But I think it would be pretty hard to drift with the civic unless u just use handbrake!
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    Well using the Handbrake is still considered as drifting so it counts
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    Yea true.
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    Ever thought that you could make a Toyota Matrix a drifter?
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    haha, i've seen the new sienna drifting in a commercial!
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    Yeah that was crazy, I couldn't believe it myself, A mini-van drifting
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    My friend falls in love with it just becuz of that.
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    Well Practicly all the Toyota's and Mazda's are drifting on TV
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    I think it would make a decent drift car, but not S15 good, reason is that the car has 50/50 weight distribution. Here is the thing about 50/50 weight

    1. It means you can carve up the corners really fast
    2.It is extremely unforgiving when you oversteer.

    So in hindsight I would say that if you were a really good driver this car would be good but for someone like myself who is unexperienced I would not be able to push the car to its limits without severe reprocussions.
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    The S15 was and still is one of the best drifters around
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    Its hard to imagne a commercial without a car drifting in the desert. Even the new GM commercias have it *sigh*. In the matrix commercial you see the wheel lock up from the parking brake. I am not a fan of FWD.
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    Yeah, even the Sunfire in one of the commercial was doing 180's and 360's
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    I wouldn't take a S15 to drift! IF i crashed, i would cry man. I would rather take a s13, since it costs cheaper, and if i crashed, I wouldn't feel as bad.
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    Actually I'd pratice first with a cheaper car and then go for a more expensive car

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