Drive it or be driven?

Discussion in '2003 Maybach 62' started by Blitzschnell, May 24, 2003.

  1. That is the problem I have with this car. We all know how luxuruoisit is, but I don't think i'd want to drive one. Too big really. I would need a driver for this one... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    get the 57 if u want to drive <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    get driven in. sometimes its just nice to be carted around, especially in the city
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    be driven, of course..
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    even though it has such a nice engine, its like freakin limo and should be used like one
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    i've really been in a 62!it's so quiet and smooth in it!really nice limo!
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    I owne an insane amount of cars
    and i hate to be driven
    but i bought this car yesterday
    and its like a freakin limo its so huge
    if any car...this si the one to be driven in
    if u wanna drive get a 57
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    give me a break...stop posting crap like this...just wastes peoples' time. Get a life...

    and to the topic at hand...I would rather be driven, as most of the ammenities that this car has are to be enjoyed from the back. If you want driving pleasure, buy the SL600 or so, which has the same engine, but is more of a drivers car.
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    Ok #%$, explain to me how you “bought one yesterday” if they are not even available in North America yet! Do you expect people to believe your bullshit? First off you would have to go to the Maybach factory in Europe and get the car customized on a computer program then they order the car after that it is like 6 months until the car is built and delivered to you. People like you piss me off; you’re a 14 year old in your bedroom listening to crap like Good Charlotte making people believe that you’re some millionaire when really you wet the bed. You’re such a dip shit!
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    lol !! ahah
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    If I had the money I would buy this car because I think that it is a car to be seen in....I mean anyone can go and rent a limo and act like someone.....but this car is the pinnacle of automotive superiority......definately driven in.
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    This thing is ridiculous, if i owned one i would defintely be driven. I saw one a few days ago at a car show, and it is huge. It makes an S Class look small.
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    YEAH YEAH YEAH i get it... Reclining seats for 350K sounds like a deal if it wasnt for rappers nobody would know about this car and its NICE AND ALL (BUT) IT IS OVER-GLORIFIED!!!!

    Just like The Escalade or the... umm Escalade lol there very nice and all but if rappers started driving AMC Gremlins with 26' inch Spinners everybody would want one so Shut the #$%# UP!
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    definatly be much much much BEAUTY!!!
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    I also saw this at show!!! This would be fun to drive, but then u cant enjoy all the TVs in the seats in the back!!!
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    This car is awesome. 37 years old, dad is a company executive. Car deffinitaly deserves to be driven in. the 62 is too big to drive. mini limo.
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    I don't really care i would drive it or i would love to be driven around.I wouldn't buy this car and not drive it.
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    driven, its a big bastard
  19. driven of course
  20. cars like this are not meant to be driven by the owner. cars like lambos and ferraris are meant to be driven by the owner. this is a luxury car. the owner should have the LUXURY of being driven and being able to watch tv and use a computer in the back.

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