DRS could be banned in Monaco

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  1. Quote from autosport.com;

    No DRS ban for Monaco GP

    By Jonathan Noble Sunday, May 8th 2011, 17:14 GMT

    The FIA has decided against imposing a ban on DRS for the Monaco Grand Prix, despite safety concerns expressed by a number of drivers.

    With several drivers worried that the use of the DRS at Monaco could prove dangerous, because of the tricky track and especially the risk of trying to take the tunnel with the wing open for an added straight-line speed boost, the FIA considered forcing teams not to run with the devices for that weekend.

    However, not all teams were in favour of the idea as some felt that keeping the DRS in place was perfectly safe. Some also pointed out that they would face expensive development work on a new Monaco-specific high-downforce wing if the adjustable wing was not allowed for that event.

    With no consensus among the teams, FIA race director Charlie Whiting wrote to the them on race day at the Turkish Grand Prix to confirm that DRS was to remain.

    Williams technical director Sam Michael told AUTOSPORT that Whiting had seen no justification for banning DRS with only a few teams in favour of doing so.

    "Charlie told us this morning," said Michael. "There were some teams that did not think DRS would be good there, but other teams were saying they did not agree [with the ban] and did not understand on what basis [it would be banned].

    "So Charlie was quite straightforward about it. He said that there wasn't a strong enough argument to not have it, so it is staying. We were neutral on it, we didn't mind."
  2. Good. Maybe now there will be a little passing... Give the KERS a boost to while you're at it.

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