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  1. What statistics? Show me where blacks don't get hired because they're black instead of a logical reason. I guess I'm not in the NBA because I'm white. Show me the statistics that show something happens to a woman just because they're not a man instead of a logical reason. The only people not getting everything everyone else is would be the gays with getting married. And I said none of those things. Plenty of people get handouts when they shouldn't, and people get shot because they do stupid shit that gets them shot not they aren't trying hard enough. That doesn't even make sense. There aren't death squads roaming around killing blacks. You're being dramatic and regurgitating false propaganda.
    Using slavery is a crutch. Putting Japanese in internment camps didn't cause all future generations of Japanese to fail. It's also odd that I had to work two jobs to put myself through school even though slavery.
    And I can say it will be fine because everyone has the same rules apply because right now defines what happens in the future. Is it possible that slavery is the reason black person A didn't get to grow up with nice things? It sure is. Is it possible that slavery caused black person A to not study and get an education or to not work hard and start a career? Not at all.
    Your understanding lacks any personal accountability. It's everyone else's fault. Especially if they're white males.
  2. So what if he said it? It doesn't mean it's correct. Many of us had nothing to do with those chains. You don't hobble the rest because of what others in the past did. So you enact affirmative action. You hire a black person to fill a legally mandated quota. Now a white person who is a first generation American and had nothing to do with slavery can't get that job. You'd be fine with that?
  3. You are seriously asking me to show the statistics? I thought it was pretty common knowledge at this point that black people are poorer, earn less, are less educated, get more incarcerated, have worst quality of life and are more targeted by police violence. And that there is this massive gender pay gap worldwide where women get paid less then men.

    Now, if everyone has a leveled playfield as you claim, then why are women and blacks, at the population level, generally worse off? If you are not allowing to history and prejudice to contribute to this, what's the reason? Is it an inherent race/gender thing? Black people are racially dumber, more violent and lazier than the equivalent white person? I'd really love to hear your logic here.
  4. Are you seriously saying that's just because they're black? Prove it.
    Those stats say nothing about them getting paid less BECAUSE of their gender or race. Correlation not causation. Again, that means NBA teams won't hire me because I'm white since most players are black.
    Last time I checked, they don't incarcerate people for just being black. And GTFO with the .0007% of false arrests. It happens to whites too. Also, they aren't more targeted by police violence. That's a complete lie. More whites are killed. You just hear about it more when it's blacks.
    I already told you my logic;

    Is it possible that slavery is the reason black person A didn't get to grow up with nice things? It sure is. Is it possible that slavery caused black person A to not study and get an education or to not work hard and start a career? Not at all.
    Why don't you ask a black kid why he joined a gang instead of the honors club? It's sure as shit not because something someone MAY have done to his great grandfather (do you really think every black American had a slave ancestor?).
    If blacks are poor and criminals because they're black and slavery, why aren't all blacks poor? Why aren't all poor criminals? And why are there poor white criminals? Were they slaves too?
    And, as a person involved in hiring and firing, we don't give a shit about your race or gender. We care about if you can do the work. You think we're going to pay more for someone who does less because they're a white male? GTFO. That makes zero sense as it cuts into our bonuses and would make everyone have to pick up the slack.
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    Do you understand statistics? I'm not trying to ridicule you, but do you understand concepts like "the law of small numbers"? I hope you understand that saying "hey, I know John who is black and successful, and I know Mike who is white and a criminal" is not a valid analysis of realities at the population level. There are, in fact, statistics with large numbers showing that black people are worse off in pretty much every aspect of life then whites. It's indisputable, no matter how many exceptions you find in real life.

    So, given that past and present racism are not causing black people to fail according to you, this leaves the blame to be rested on the inherent lower moral fiber of their race, I suppose. Can you confirm this for me? Thanks.
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    This guy got triggered when someone said "hey, you will be arrested", CNN called him evil and when OkCupid decided to kick him out:

  7. Poor chinese, indian and jewish people displaced by the holocaust had no trouble becoming successful in America in a shorter period, why is that?
  8. "The furore got right wingers and liberals hot under their armpits ready to take Moshoeshoe to the Human Rights Commission for hate speech"

    And rightly so. Advocating genocide should have consequences, regardless of the perceived political affiliations of the advocating party.

    Racially motivated black violence against whites is just as racist as vice versa. And no, one can't justify such things with past atrocities committed against people who had a similar skin tone. We can't get revenge or even compensation for injustices that have happened much more recently. Many of those still alive have lost a loved one or more to some cruel occupation or a brutal regime.

    This doesn't mean that such atrocities should be ignored, taken lightly or denied. It not only increases the chance of repeating past horrors but leads to hostility and bitterness that lasts for generations. The results of this can be observed f.ex. with Turkish-Armenian or Sino-Japanese relations, or the ethnic tensions in many parts of the world, including the Southern US.

    Somehow it fits the narrative of the extreme left, that arbitrarily explained power structures (probably some evolution of class struggle in Marxist-Leninist ideology) can explain everything in this world, including racism. And because all power is held by evil white men, everything is their fault. Every third world conflict just has to be a result of capitalist greed, colonialism, zionism, partiarchy and whatnot. It's just not possible that a black African could kill another black African for some other reason than slavery and oppression during the colonial period. Nor could they explain any islamic terrorist attack without diverting the whole discussion to the Palestinian issue, and mumbling some inconsistencies about Western involvement in the Middle-East, and how it's really the fault of oppressive gender roles.
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  9. Do you not know causation? Saying x% of blacks get paid less does not mean the cause of them getting paid less is because they're black. Do you understand statistics?
    You're assuming it's because of racism, not their actual individual circumstance.
    So, again, why don't you ask a black kid why he joined a gang instead of the honors club? It's sure as shit not because something someone MAY have done to his great grandfather (do you really think every black American had a slave ancestor?).
  10. etb youve shown a failure to grasp statistics before, please dont take us back there
    looking around the internet for idiots who dont agree with you who are acting like idiots shouldnt be the evidence you need to reinforce your beliefs
    just say 'black people are genetically inferior' if thats what you think. if you dont think that, then you need to start thinking about why things are the way they are.

    hippo, you might like jordan petersons talks. hes been kind of propped up by the altright because he is fighting against sjws, but he certainly isnt alt right.
    his issue with sjws isnt about triggering libtards (which is about the extent of altright thinking) but he really sums up what sjws are after, in a very nuanced and intelligent way, which you were getting into.
    "probably some evolution of class struggle in Marxist-Leninist ideology" sounds like post modernism, which is all about power structures. he often refers to the gulag archipelago and other soviet hells when talking about the horrors that happen when you follow these types of thinking to their farthest conclusion. i like him hes smart and has amazing things to say about his real passion, evolutionary psychology and how it works with myth, especially the bible

    also, pandabeats twitter has kind of fallen off the deepend. I guess this paraguayan (right?) identified as a white nationalist apache helicopter?
    even advocating physicalremoval (basically, remove liberals from the country by force)
    is this what happens when an internet troll grows up?

    um david duke? im wondering why people who act racist, want to hang out with the head of the kkk get mad about being called racist


    'the rotting brain of mccaincer'



    'whats wrong with white nationalism?'

    holy **** theres too many of these. i get that these people exist, i just didnt think there were foreigners who wanted to play far right american politics to trigger libtards
  11. He's from Uruguay. It's a tiny country of 3 million people where the vast majority is white, mostly of Iberian and Italian descent. Chances are he never saw a person of color if he lived there his whole life.

    And yet, if he goes to the US where white people are of northern european descent and have much lighter skin, hair and eyes, he would probably be labeled a Mexican.
  12. Actually I proved I knew more than you about statistics. Again, if Joe has never even talked to a cop, how would he fit into the mathematical formula to find out who gets killed disproportionatly more? Please, write the formula that includes him since you think you have a grasp of it.
    It's funny because instead of proving that the wage gap is because they're black, and not based on their circumstances, you just say I don't know statistics. Then show me where it says the cause is because they're black.
    Using your logic of statistics:
    99% of people that died have ingested water before. Therefor water kills people.
    I don't think that they are genetically inferior and never said as much. I've said exactly what I believe.
    I'll reiterate it a third time since you want to ignore it:
    You're assuming it's because of racism, not their actual individual circumstance.
    So, again, why don't you ask a black kid why he joined a gang instead of the honors club? It's sure as shit not because something someone MAY have done to his great grandfather (do you really think every black American had a slave ancestor?).
    Why don't you just say it, that blacks genetically aren't able to have personal accountability for their actions if that's what you believe?
  13. Jesus Christ, man.

    Black people are poorer. They are poor because their fathers were poor, and their father's fathers were poor because they were slaves and subject to institutionalized discrimination.

    Therefore, because they are poor, they can't go to university, or they go to a shitty one and get a shitty degree that no employer wants. Because they've been poor for generations, they can't get unpaid internships like your hipster cousin. Daddy can't help out with the rent, so they get the first minimum wage job that appears and get stuck into it forever.

    Quite often poor people will do drugs, because if life is shit, your family is broken and you seem to fail at everything, smoking crack might help you forget it. Also, when you have no perspectives and society failed you repeated times, it might also be a good plan to commit crimes or join a gang.

    Then black people get arrested because of the drugs and the crime that come with poverty, and they are the bulk of the poor population in the US. Their families are broken and financially restrained because daddy is in jail. It also doesn't help when the law decides that putting people in jail for a long time, or giving them harsh sentences for small crimes, is a good idea.

    Then the next generation grows up unable or unwilling to go to college, unable to get a proper job either because of lack of education or a criminal history, unable to afford the same opportunities or lifestyle as others more privileged, and unable to make good decisions because they didn't have family or social role models that taught them what was right. They grow jaded with the perpetual cycle of shit that they are thrown into because of people like you who believe everyone is competing at the same level, because after all, slavery doesn't matter nowadays.
  14. McGriffin would tell them to join the military
  15. Being poor and criminally inclined is not a race thing and just barely is an ethnic thing. It's a result of culture as much as it is circumstances and discrimination. Often, in poorer neighborhoods/subsocieties, there will be different ideas of what's good or bad. Violence is a survival tool, as only the strong survive. Sometimes, things that are considered good by some people (like being a lawful, educated and contributing citizen) is "looked down at" by people who have a hard time achieving that. It's called cognitive dissonance. It's a loop that's hard to break.
    What brought some people, black or white, to that situation is a question of history and anthropology. That should explain how so many African Americans are in this circle and can't get out.
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  16. Lmao gtfo out with that. First off my Salvadorian girlfriend got her internship by working her ass off to get scholarships, get good grades, and took it upon herself to press for the internship. I worked two jobs to put myself through school.
    Your assessment that only black have it hard because if slavery is an insult to those who worked hard to get where they are at. Just because you've had your life handed to you doesn't mean the majority has. You're obviously in no position, as you've admitted, to speak from experience.
    I'm sure Vanilla Ice would love to know that he only got where he was because slavery and not his hard work. You're also extremely naive to think blacks can't get scholarships. They even have black specific scholarships.
    Any more ridiculous assumptions?
    Hate to burst your naive bubble, blacks weren't the only slaves in the US. They weren't slaves in just the US either. Yet you choose to single them out as having that as an excuse for their actions.
    Jews were literally singled out and actually being exterminated. Yet, you don't see them rioting in the streets of Germany when a criminal gets killed. You don't see them creating criminal infested areas like Chicago.
    As Idol pointed out, it's a cultural thing. Here's a fucking hint, when you have kids who idolize gangsters who rap about doing hood shit, they might do hood shit. Nothing is stopping them from understanding hood shit is wrong. But, why would they when naive leftists like you tell them it's ok because slavery.
  17. so if theyre not genetically inferior, what is it ?

    youre just using the old bootstraps argument

    joining the military is a great way for poor people to learn some skills and get ahead, especially if they cant afford school (another way the rich stay rich)

    by the way, best predictor that you will be poor? your parents were poor. best predictor that you will be rich? your parents were rich. that almost explains it in and of itself. 2 generations ago this country had segregation. etb, you might be one of those people who believes seperate but equal actually meant equal, but I certainly dont believe that.

    this is ruby bridges, one of the iconic figures in desgregation
    This is her today. she is 62. people her age are still in the workforce. to act like there isnt a difference in cultural experiences and opportunity is to be willfully ignorant.

    poor whites and poor blacks are very similar culturally, but because one looks superficially different its easier to lump them in as something different. The only difference is that one was historically disenfranchised so a higher % of them are STILL poor
  18. man you know what is really unfortunate? That instead of seeing each other as human beings we see differences and label each other instead lol
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  19. Just want to add one thing. I didn't read this whole topic.
    But if it hasn't been pointed out.
    Is it possible that the reason a black kid chose to become a gangster or dropped out of school. May have been because his family is too broke to afford school or that maybe he had to get a job at a young age to help with the household bills. Or maybe his parents are crackheads and he's been on his own since he was 12.
    Maybe this is because of race. Maybe his family has yet to recover from slavery. Maybe his grandpa was arrested when his dad was young and his dad struggles at a shot paying job so he in turn has to suffer and struggle to get by from a young age.
    Maybe he did meet that one pick cop that busted him for having one joint in his pocket. And now he has a criminal record and can't get a decent job.
    There are so many varables. And the funny thing is that any of this can happen to anybody at any time of any race. With exception of the slavery recovery.

    It's not black and white. There is a while lot of grey area. I know rich black people and poor black people. I know rich white people and poor white people. We are more a product of our environment than we are of our race. A black family in the suburbs is more likely to live a normal middle classed life. A black family in the ghetto is more likely to struggle. And a white family in the same settings will most likely experience the same as that black family.
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  20. I answered that already in my post to SB.
  21. Americans keeps raving on about white supremacy, yet Arab countries still have race-based pay with blacks in the bottom spot, and Africans are literally killing each other and taking each other in as slaves at present across their continent.

    Pretty sure the entire USA is living in a cave.
    How about rallying for change in those countries that need it most first. USA is in the top third that do not.
  22. Yeah it's possible, but that's not the majority. Plenty of people had to drop out for the reasons you mentioned. My grandfather being one of them. It doesn't mean they go do hood shit and commit crimes. For some reason, the racist left seems to think blacks are incapable of making personal choices. Sitting there and saying, "it's ok, you're great grandpappy was a slave" doesn't make it better. And this isn't some 3rd world shit hole. There are plenty of programmmmes to help the poor, especially with school. A lot of it is on the parents who don't care their kid is falling for the glorified thug life.
    There are many reasons people are poor. Many of those reasons aren't in their control. But giving someone a pass because they may have had slave ancestors is an insult to other for people who don't do hood shit and is a poor excuse.

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