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  1. Also, this still doesn't show that blacks get paid less because they're black which was the original point.
  2. This reminds me of that research that proved that women don't get paid less because they're women, but because of circumstances that often have a lot to do with them being women. If that makes sense. I like making statements short.
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  3. Your salary depends on your worth and negotiation skills. A lot of people have a "lucky to have a job and take whatever" mentality. I've always made more at new jobs, even after I got laid off. But even I got complacent and accepted their paltry raise. I wisened up and realized my worth and negotiated a much more sufficient raise. Outside of Billy Bob's confederate flag store in bum **** Alabama, no one involved in hiring gives a **** if you're black or female. I'm not going to justify to the owner that John is worth more than Cindy because he's a straight white male. Again, that's money out of my annual bonus.
  4. And I know what you're trying to say, but must go for the easy sarcastic response; Because chromosomes :p
  5. This is what free speech looks like:

    Charlie Hebdo, the magazine that suffered a terrorist attack after publishing an offensive islamic cartoon and received huge support from everyone because randomly offending people is cool, now says that "God exists" because all the Texans drowned during the Harvey storm were nazis:


    I'd love to see all the conservative americans who defended Charlie Hebdo islamophobic cartoon on the grounds of free speech to use the same logic now.


  6. I suppose that if a bunch of Texans were to massacre the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo in France, most people would rally behind freedom of expression and condemn such acts.
  7. No one cares lol. Half the reactions I saw were people laughing that the regions impacted the most by floods voted Hillary and that it's funny many Europeans are too insular to understand US geography.
  8. Most of us going through this don't give a shit about a magazine nor Trump's shoes.
  9. here's a verified twitter mega lib that mrghs at Trevor Noah for having a speech problem. https://twitter.com/aamer_rahman/status/904246485449023488
  10. be sure to wright you're political opinions in it's seperate thread so as not to loose pacific meaning of thread. for example if i say about hillery and trump that i like there policies alot i definatly should of wright it in here then in the army thread.
  11. oh gee, it's neet to see harka care about forum rules
  12. Hardly forum rules, just a simple request to avoid political discussion in the military thread.
  13. So Trump is going to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem... could be violent.
  14. i dont really understand the situation

    why violence?
  15. Jerusalem is supermega holy for both muslims and jews, and the international community has been avoiding recognizing it as an official part of Israel in order to make the Palestinians less unhappy. Moving the american embassy there indicates that the US recognizes this disputed territory as being part of Israel and will piss the Palestinians off.
  16. Jerusalem is also among the holiest sites in Christianity, although less relevant to your point in that Christians aren't nearly as involved in the violence there.
  17. Guess who is preparing for the big embassy move?
  18. Another wise move from the wisest president eva.
  19. yeah but hillary
  20. ((Hillary))
  21. Honestly, it's about time. Jerusalem has been our capital since day one and just because some of its neighborhoods are disputed, doesn't mean it isn't (see Nicosia). The Palestinians should realize that as time goes on, they risk getting less out of this situation, not more. It might help them make tough decisions in the future (in the past there was a lot of "all or nothing" attitude).

    Also the current embassy is standing on some seriously prime real estate. The land itself is probably worth billions.
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  22. Also there's a feeling that Trump made this move clear to everybody in the area and obviously has the Saudis on board. They've warmed up their relations with Israel recently and some of their private jets have even been scouted landing here through FlightRadar.
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  23. Bullshit! Trump did it so it's terrible! The embassy is sure to be built with Palestinian baby fetuses!
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  24. I'm not American and I don't follow everything Trump says or does, but honestly, he hasn't fucked up very badly as of yet.
    When president Macron told him that this whole Jerusalem thing was a bad idea, Trump replied with "I'm sorry, but I made a promise to my voters and I have to keep it". This is not something you hear a lot of leaders say.
  25. Capital of a fake country

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