E55 AMG vs. CTS-V vs. BMW M5

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by AMGrulz, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. Which car do you like (of the three listed) and which do you think is the best performer?
  2. OOPS, sorry, probably should have put this in the car comparison or european car section but oh well, the CTS-V is american at least
  3. M5 please.. that is if you are talking about the new one...
  4. I like the new M5 of the three, and am pretty sure it's the best performer.
  5. On the track, probobly... but with its mountian of tourque, the E55 is probobly faster in the straight...
  6. Uh, yeah...that's right. Have any 0-200 kmh times for the E55?
  7. Didn't C&D have a M3, M5 and CTS-V comparo where the M3 and M5 just wrecked the CTS's shit?
  8. I am talking up to around 150kmh... the M5 takes off after that...
  9. if money isnt an issue, the new M5, if it is CTS-V by a long shot.
  10. CTS-V for looks and price, M5 for everything else.
  11. The new M5 is the best performing car in this group but its not here yet. If we are talking about the out going M5 then the CTS V beat it on the race track. So for performanc I would have to go with the CTS V if we arent talking about the E60 M5.
  12. Yup, they had a comparo. Lap times at 1.77-mile Putnam Park:

    M3 - 1:24.471
    CTS-V - 1:25.355*
    M5 - 1:25.493

    Short-shifted 500 rpm below peak power due oil-temp glitches (it was a late prototype).
    "And there's no doubt in the mind of the DL (designated lapper) that there was another second or so that we were unable to exploit. Perhaps even more."

  13. CTS-V it looks too good.
  14. Just for the sound of the engine: new M5
  15. It wasn't a comparo in the C/D tradition though, the cars weren't ranked and were vastly different in price, size, and setup (coupe vs sedans).
  16. True. So no shit was wrecked (not by lap times anyway). They did say that the M5 was not worth the extra money.
  17. E60 M5
    E39 M5
    E55 AMG
  18. That is 100% correct as far as race track lap times.
  19. The new M5 will be the ultimate sport sedan, although keep in mind that you can almost buy two CTS-Vs for the price of one E60 M5.
  20. I think the E55 AMG would fare so much better if the Germans would only allow you to turn the damn Stability/traction control TOTALLY OFF that way you could do burnouts from stoplight to stoplight. But, its still a comfortable rocket.

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