Eagle Talon TSi AWD vs. Mitsubishi 3000GT

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    W1628 The Stealth and Mitu have same power but they jump from 300 to 320 in 94 form 9 psi to 12 psi
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    WRONG ... there was the 1??hp fwd NON turbo and the 300+hp awd cars (stealth r/t and 3kgt vr-4)
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    What a downright retarded choice. Of course I would take the 3KGT. Its got more luxury, worth alot more, loads of technology, duel exhaust (attractive looking), good sound, bulb headlights, twin turbos, attractive sleek look, quick acceleration, and good 1/4 timings.

    The choice shouldnt be that hard, but then again its everyone's opinion.
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    If you were giving them away I'd take the 3000 vr4 to0 cruise stock, with the active aero package.

    If I had to pay for it It take the talon, and did. lighter, can make practically the same hp with only 2-3k in mods (Evo 3 turbo fuel pump upgraded exhaust, DSMLINK for tuning, profec boost controller) and it will still handle better.
    the 3/s twins were Grand Touring cars, not outright sports cars IMO.
    The talon is a bit porky too but not to the extent of the 3/s
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    depends on what year your talking about because before 1994 they were 300 hp with 5 speed manuals,and while were talking about engines there were 3 styles of engines SOHC for the base stealth/3000gt ,DOHC and, twin turbo DOHC. All are the same size and share the same bottom end and block.Except for some body styling cues that are diffrent, the mitsubishi 3000gt and the dodge stealth are essentialy the same car.
  6. 3kgt's can't handle they are meant for touring, not for road racing. Not very fun.
  7. Have you ever driven a car with AWD?

    The 3kgt might be heavy but it sticks to the road pretty well, not to mention the incredible traction off the line.

    The 3kgt VR4 will beat the Tsi/GSX stock, but the aftermarket potential on the eclipses/talons is much larger than the 3kgt.
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    I realize the 3000 is faster stock but i am on my third Tsi and it doesnt take very much at all to make one faster than a 3000. I have the first gen. so i have the 6 bolt main, and the aftermarket is vast and inexpensive. The 3000 may be more luxurious, and more powerful, but it is also heavier. If youre after a performance vehicle, who cares about luxury and dual exhaust? Even for the price of a first gen. 3000 you can purchace a relatively decent Tsi or GSX and make it run faster in the quarter. It has been proven repeatedly by all the local DSM tuners in my area. If you want any real info on what the cars are capable of then visit www.dsmtuners.com
    oh, and ill repeat every other halfway intelligent post and mention that the 3000 and the talon tsi are apples and oranges. The eclipse is the counter-part of the talon, not the 3000
  9. Actually the Stealth and the 3000GT both had 300HP in the first generation models. Still keeping the same engine platform through its life time of 91-99 with the 3000GT and 91-96 on the Stealth the only thing that changed was the amount of PSI that was governed from the turbos...
  10. That's just not true. I bought a VR4 today and it's every bit as fast as my 98' WS6. Comparing a re-styled eclipse with mid-13sec car is as foolish and irresponsible. It's the same as comparing a Chevy Cobalt SS to a fourth-gen F-body.

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