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  1. Do you use them?

    occasional use is a Yes.

    After riding 200 motorway miles today, I think I would like some. I get tinnitus already from what I assume to be earphone use. I don't really want my hearing to go.
  2. I don't ride bikes but I do use them when I'm driving cars that have the same sort of noise about them. its difficult to get the right type that doesn't knock out sound entirely.
  3. Yes. Hearing is important to me.
  4. Always.
  5. I've got custom made ones and really recommend them. They work much better than the off the shelf ones.
  6. I do, but for djing.
  7. I do, but for work. Turns out a Detroit Diesel running essentially straight pipes makes a LOT of noise.
  8. I don't ride, but I wear them pretty often.
  9. I wear them all the time while riding, they block everything except horn sounds.
  10. This is the only thing that concerns me. I like being able to hear cars around me. If it was completely silent I don't think I'd feel as confident.
  11. You can get custom earplugs made, they'll only filter out the loud noises and you'll still hear everything you need to. They're around 100 euro's though but I think it's worth it.
  12. if u value your hearing dont drive a convertible w top down on the freeway
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    not loud noises, high pitched noises that damage your hearing. you hear everything else just perfectly fine.

    i have these btw

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    did you have to a model of your ears made?
  15. what do you mean high pitched noises and not loud noises, can you explain?
  16. Frequency vs Amplitude, although I was under the impression that volume was the bad one
  17. yep. weirdest feeling ever btw. when they make a model of your ears you can't hear for a few minutes. you're literally deaf lol
  18. there are filters in the plugs that "filter" high pitched sounds. this probably works different for plugs that are made for motorists though.
  19. I think the ones that woot recommended should get the job done although horns, etc. are high pitched sometimes? But really anything that filters out about 50% of the noise should get the job done.
  20. They use plugs in the factory where I work that are designed to limit the volume of the sound you hear, as opposed to filtering out higher frequencies. I think they'd be similar.
  21. I think the custom ones have different inserts too (in different colours) for different purposes.

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