Elise and the US..............why not?

Discussion in '2000 Lotus Elise 111S' started by EliseS2, Aug 10, 2002.

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    It is a combination of no airbag, emissions, and crash tests. It has yet to pass the crash test, but that is just because it hasnt been tested. Emissions once again because it hasnt been tested. Airbags are required on all cars sold in America, so they may just use the one off the Speedster (VX220). Also, since the M250 has been delayed, Lotus wants to get its name back in the spotlight. From what i have heard, Lotus will bring the elise over to here (america), not just in standard form, but also a turbo or supercharged version. So I cant wait to buy on once i come out of college.
  2. Does anyone know exactly why the Elise is unable to be sold in the US, is it because it has no airbag or ABS or is it soemthing to do with the engine cause I really want it to make it over there so the world can also have a taste of the world's greatest handling car!

    Whilst I'm on the topic I would like to put an end to the arguement about it's top speed and lack of power......ok:
    The Elise is not meant to have a very high top speed as it is made for it's handling and agility and why does it need a large engine with monster power........it is so light and so the 1.8 Rover engine is fine and a larger engine would just upset the balance but if u want more power(looks at the Americans!!!!) then get a quality turbo upgrade from a UK company for £3000 extra to take it to 190bhp and sub 5.0 secs o-60mph time..
    And is it me or was the M250 just the most gorgeous car in the world?.....they canned it..............nooooooooo.....bloody Proton stopping it but Lotus had over worked themselves with the new Elise and the VX220 but the M250 part 2 which is going to be very similar to the original is coming out it about 4 or 5 years which is definatley going to be sold in the US!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->

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