elise V. s2000

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  1. they r both well disigned cars, and the price is about the same too. they both ment to be a drivers car and ppl who drove them usually give hight marks. i know the lotus would probably have a upperhand on handleing and sterring response cuz it's weight, but the s2000 is not bad either, and keep in mind it's a 2 liter 240 bhp madly enginered thing. both r quality cars. which one will u take when the lotus comes into the U.S.?<!-- Signature -->
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    Elise, as it offers a greater driver experience although the S2000 does have a good "punch" to it<IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
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    yeah but the s2000 has the top speed, so if the track was longer then i think the s2k would win<!-- Signature -->
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    If it's an oval track then yeah but remember the Elise has near supercar pace on a normal track<!-- Signature -->
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    Elise anyday anywhere.
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    Simply I would say S2000 and Elise has to be even stevens. Though the elise is faster in a straight line. I have to say this cause my dad owns an Elise and Honda S2000 and they're just amazing to travel in.
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    a s2000 would be faster in a line wudnt it? alot more power.... but the elise would be better i think, cept in a crash >P i saw this quote somewhere. it was this guy at a high end driving school. he was in a 550 maranello and blew by an elise in a strightaway. it was about 20 carlengths and then the teacher goes "watch out for that elise in the next corner" muahaha thats funny

    also accordin to road and track, the elise is amazing, they said SUPER fun to drive, and its really really hard to unstick the tires, their only complaint was how underpowerd it was.. oh well. this was an article on a handleing test, it got 2nd behind a 360 modena, a car which is about 8x the stickerprice >) muahaha
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    an elise would be faster in a strait line? are you sure?
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    In terms of acceleration, speed of 0-80mph of both cars are about teh same, but anything speed over 100mph, the S2000 is the winner. The Elise is a better driver's car becuz it doesn't have any electronic assist or other sort stuff, it's driving a go-cart. But becuz the Elise is such a great driver's car, it's ride comfort is no where near S2000.

    Overall, in a small track with lots of corners, the Elise woudl win, but on tracks with more straightaway, S2000 is the winnner.

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    elise V. s2000

    Elise is the better handler - better road feel, and has the engine in the right place <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    The S2000 is more 'livable' its got ABS, power steering, electric hood & windows, and big cushions for the old men that own them <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    I know a couple of Elise owners who have bought S2000s - they say the same - the Honda is nowhere near as razor sharp in the handling stakes, but it has a decent sounding engine, and has some oomph when its pushed. Although that's a problem too - most people don't want to drive at 7000 - 8000 RPM all the time...

    As for track performance, I see S2000s smoked by Elises all the tiime. But, as I always say, its down to the driver. I've seen some excellently prepared Elises (in 160bhp form with track suspension) beaten around a track by a driver in a stock hire car. Driver skill is the most crucial track element.
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    I totally agree.
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    The Elise looks way better though...
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    well, each person has his own personal taste.
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    You gotta agree... the Elise is 100% sexy as hell
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    No kidding, and it handles like a go-cart, which is very impressive.
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    Yeah I definately want one (probably is going to be second hand but that don't matter). I hope for a mustard-yellow one, with racing green 5 spoke rimms and a hard top... that is totally my dream car.
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    it's a real driver's car.
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    love da elise but gotta say s2000
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    elise, for the badge.
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    I downloaded a Video Clip from Kazaa showing a S2000 beating the piss out of an Elise.

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    Right - so that proves it then! Thanks, man...

    ...so, it was drivers who are at exactly the same standard was it? You can't tell, right? So what does your comment prove? N-o-t-h-i-n-g.

    I've seen a skilled driver lap a track in a 1.4 Ford Focus hire car faster than a 160, Lotus sport suspension equipped fully modified Elise. So, the Focus must be a better car than the Elise too, right?

    The driver is the most important factor in laptimes, not the machinery. If you doubt this, head to the track, watch and learn. I reckon Schumacher could lap a FIAT Seicento quicker than I could in my Elise.

    In my experience, and people I know who have had both cars, reckon the S2000 is slower, lap for lap. The S2000 is softer, more peaky, and has an indistinct steering feel. It tends to roll, is more subject to bump steer, and is dialled with an understeer bias. But the car is more comfortable and more usable than the Elise in everyday situations. That sort of testimony can't be found on kazaa, aparently...
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    I would take the ELISe anyday,also there is a Imported version of the ELISe that comes with a INtegra Type-R motor and about 190bhp for only 50 grand,lol. ok I know that's more then what the S2000 goes for but that ELISE w/type -r engine would rape this S2000 even in a straight line heh don't you people agree?
    also I like the older ELISe better then the new one your thoughts?
    Atleast appearence wise. umm any ways Imports Rule!

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    DODGE - Drips Oil, Drips Gas Everywhere

    FORD - F*cker Only Runs Downhill/(backwards)Driver Returns On Foot

    PONTIAC - Pours Out Noxious Toxins In American Cities

    SpareTIre"Hi i'm head of idiot shrine any one wanna join"?
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    I would take the Elise it has about the same accelaration as an S2000
    but way more agile,sexier and it's a Lotus.
    The only thing the S2000 may have on this is the top speed but on a curvy track with lots of short bends n' such the Elise would put the S2000 to shame. Along with plenty of other even more expensive cars.
    But S2000 has a lively engine,i like it too don't misunderstand me, just there's no way I'd take an S2000 over an Elise.
    Also am I the only one that likes the older(first/s1)Elise's styling better?
    Why did Lotus change it's(Elise) appearence I think it looked better before.
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    Oops I forgot I posted on this matter before.
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    The track elise could beat an S2K but not this car. It is very nimble and everything but this car would lose in the corners because 120 horsepower is just not enough staying power to keep your cornering speeds high enough. We are all forgetting that the S2K is very much a drivers car, and is very good for track racing it has a better weight distribution then the elise, it is 50/50. And it has very sticky tires as well. Look at the 0-100mph on the elise it is 17 seconds, after you hit 60 it runs out of piss, and the S2K would make a lot of time on any stretch and possibly take it on the corners as well. But like I said if it was the track elise the S2K would get its ass handed to itself.

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