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Discussion in '2000 Lotus Elise 111S' started by stars, Aug 10, 2002.

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    The Elise is a better car overall.
    Lotus out performs BMW
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  2. The Elise, I think, is much more worth the money than the BMW. Why? The reason for that is because they have about the same engines, and the Lotus out-performs the BMW by a million. Also the Lotus is cheaper. I think the you're paying for the looks and luxury of the BMW, not its performance.
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    Are u kidding?
    Z3 vs the Elise?.........there's no contest!
    Did anybody see the grip and handling test between the Elise and Z3 3.0?........the Elise wiped the floor with it.......and I quote "The Elise feels like it's in a different league altogether!"
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    <b>what are you stupid the Z3 isnt even close. the elise is supposedly in the same class as the 360 modena</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    It's in the same handling class as the Modena because its suspension and chassis respond similarly under the same conditions, but it isn't in the same class as the Ferrari. The 360 would out-accelerate it and has a higher top speed, but I think I know what you're saying. As far as quality and purity of the driving experience goes, they're together in a league of their own...(aaah, how cliche.)<!-- Signature -->
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    what are you stupid the Z3 isnt even close. the elise is supposedly in the same class as the 360 modena


    elise is the best car in the world!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yes the Elise is a better drivers car but the Z3 is not aimed at the same market. With the 1.9 litre engine it is up against the MG TF, MX-5. More everyday Roadsters that can fit golf bags in the boot.

    A better test would be Elise Vs MR2. Toyota have tried hard for their car not to be compared with the Elise. Always comparing it with cars such as the Mazda. yet neither have a boot(trunk if you are in the states)that holds more than somthing the size of a cheese Sarny. yet the Elise Clearly wins.

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    Not even in the same league r u f*cking nuts the elise kicks the ass out of the Z3

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