Elvis had one then. . . . .

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    true, Elvis done been shot his shit, but his wasn't a Pantera GT-5, it was normal Pantera, and it's yellow. i've even seen it my self at the peterson auto museum in L.A.
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    Strange, Elvis died in 1977. How could he shot a 1986 Pantera ?
  3. Why only 165MPH?

    DeTomaso didn't really givwe the Pantera enough speed, this car should go at least 180 or 190 MPH. same with the Pantera 2, looks great but REALLY slow!
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    its governd.
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    its not governed first of all and the pantera 2 there was never such a thing thats just a highly modified wanna be gt5s conversion most of these stats are wrong
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    I hella agree with that, for its time it should have gone at least as fast as the Countach!
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    Old cars weren't as fast as many cars today, but I agree that it could go a little faster.

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    Why only 165MPH?

    speed! did any one ask ? fork out about 8 grand for the 427 stroker motor rated @600hp n torque too. then try too find a place to go 200 plus! lots of luck on the later part. these cars will go as fast as you wan to . late...
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