Emos and goths protected under new rules

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    Goths, emos and punks are being offered extra protection under new ‘hate crime’ rules.

    They are to be covered under the same guidelines covering attacks on gay, disabled or ethnic-minority people, police announced.

    Victims will be encouraged to fill in online reporting forms to describe themselves as members of an ‘alternative sub-culture’.

    The idea is being adopted only by police in Manchester but it is hoped the practice will soon spread to other forces and mean stiffer penalties for offenders in the future.

    The move is a response to the killing of 20-year-old goth Sophie Lancaster, who was kicked to death in Bacup, Lancashire, in 2007.

    Greater Manchester Police’s assistant chief constable Garry Shewan said: ‘People who wish to express their alternative sub-culture freely should not have to tolerate hate crime.’

    Sophie’s mother, Sylvia, said the move was ‘a validation of the work we have undertaken in the past five years’.

    She added: ‘Hopefully, other forces will follow their lead.’

    Ministers have admitted the list of hate crime categories is incomplete but there are no immediate plans to amend it.

  2. I don't know why we need to keep calling out group after group after group. If it's determined that someone attacked or abused someone else because they were X, then we can say it's a hate crime. Otherwise you're going to have people saying that the government is implicitly discriminating against any groups that aren't specifically mentioned.
  3. seems like it's just human nature to be a dickwad to people that are different. sometimes i wonder if the human experiment will make it
  4. before too long, the people considered "different" will be the ones who are now considered "normal". those facking weirdo freaks.
  5. If this make it so I never have to read another 'goth dropkick' story on here again I'm all for it
  6. This. Why should it matter what gender/race/counter culture someone who was kicked to death belonged to? How does that make kicking to death someone any less horrible?
  7. This is stupid. I knew England was dumb but I didn't know they were becoming as bland and effete as Norway.
  8. I think it matters if you're very old or very young. In my mind, kicking to death one of those people is more horrible and so anyone in between would have to be functionally less horrible.
  9. In Canada, we have the Charter of Rights. It protects everyone.

    This way, stupid people can continue to live, breed, and make stupid mistakes. The NDP party of Canada loves this because it means more votes.
  10. It's not a law, it's a police guideline.
    Basically, all that's different is that they now have a specific box to tick when a crime is reported.
    It doesn't make it any more or less illegal to assault someone because they are a goth or emo, it just means that the police can better identify the cause of crime, and implement better methods of prevention and prosecution.

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