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  1. they could have made it a bit more powerful.
  2. yup ... may me 360hp even 380hp + wouldve really been better
  3. I think they should have made a blend of the CSL with regular M3 same power but half the weight reduction or something. :p Oh and a manual gear box.
  4. they could have added around 15-20 more hp and that would have made one hell of a difference.
  5. The competition package is made for handling, what's this engine bs about really? Buy an M5 if it's not enough for y'all.
  6. The CSL version made 360BHP I believe. And it was lighter than this car. But still, this car is just dead sexy, I
  7. Nicely spoken...
  8. Exactly, BHP isnt like salt you cant just sprinkle it on.

    "oooooh i wish it had 10 more BHP"

    why it wouldnt make too much of a difference, and the elements of this are mainly towards the handling
  9. took the words right out of my mouth
  10. They dont want it to threaten the CSL n terms of power. CSL only got 13kw more than normal M3.
  11. Given how little success they had increasing the power for the CSL (including pretty intricate modifications such as a revised mass flow system to reduce turbulence in the intake iirc), I doubt that they could get near the power levels that are being suggested while still leaving the car street legal. Anyway, the engine is already putting out more than 100 hp/L and is by no means weak--more power really isn't the only thing that can improve a car.
  12. I'd just buy a regular M3 and buy some 19" HRE rims and get new suspension.
  13. Which would probably end up costing close to $10K while the performance package is only $4K... good idea.
  14. but itll be better to him
    not just some conformed kit by bmw
    extra 6k for personalization preference performance
  15. Bloody n00bs, horsepower doesent matter...all those who say this car is underpowered raise your right hand and say, "Zero to one hundred kilometres per hour in 4.7 seconds, standing quarter mile in 11.7 seconds."
  16. I know but I'd change the cars rims and suspension even if I did get the performance package.
  17. if you ask me (which i know your not) 255.8 Kw is alot of power from a inline 6. Who cares how much power it has it is fast isn't that enough. 0-100 in 4.7 seconds is bloody fast most v8s dont do that. Anyway love the car and i dought that 10 extra hp would even make it do 0-100 in 4.6 seconds which you wouldent notice the difference anyway.
  18. It would be nice if this would have 360 or 380 bhp...
    But then M3 has always been about good performance and superb handling and this model has them both... If you want max. power then buy a supercar

    or then buy a r!ced civic with twinturbo engine and nos...
    You get more power but worse handling than a cow riding a skateboard with tree wheels...
  19. the M3 dosent need more power
  20. 11.7 quarter mile????? it's an M3 not a murcielago.... try 13.2, 13.0 if you REALLY know how to drive. In any case, m3 rocks. even without this new performance package. I just had to put in my two cents, sorry for breaking the balls. I think my m3 can beat an 11.7 though so maybe that will make you feel better!
  21. I agree.
  22. well give it has 105 hp/litre that is very good.

    Next M3 will have a 4.0 V8
  23. it would have been so sweet if they would have renamed it the M4... i dono round numbers are just more... i dono
  24. it would have been so sweet if they would have renamed it the M4... i dono round numbers are just more... i dono
  25. it would have been so sweet if they would have renamed it the M4... i dono round numbers are just more... i dono

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