enough power?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by mpg, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. 300 hp in well balanced, very light, and fine tuned car would be perfect for myself. No reason to go much more than 150 mph nor sit around spinning your wheels.
  2. 400-500 is far more then i need
  3. 400 hp per ton
  4. 500-600 would be more than enough.
  5. 500-600ish hp ala Viper, ZR1, Z06, GTR, LP560, LP640, 599, SLR, CGT, Mclaren F1, Zonda S/F, F430 S, GT2, RS6, M5 so on and so on. perfect for all types of performance cars from supercars to sport sedans.
  6. street legal trophy truck mmmmmmmmmmm
  7. I'd rather have a 4-500hp car that utilizes lots of weight savings measures and such than a big heavy 1000hp car.
  8. I'd never need more than 500.
  9. 600-1000. S65 AMG.
  10. Unlimited money 600-1000hp something like a Zonda F CS
    More conservative, not living in Norway 200-300hp something like Exige/350Z
    Living in Norway 0-200hp something like a 1.6 hatch.

    Voted the first since thats what I want the most.
  11. terrible question...completely depends on weight/drivetrain (FR/AWD...)
  12. Read the thread.
  13. I would love a 250-300 hp Cosworth engine in the Super seven. 300 hp would get me 500hp/ton.
  14. 200-300 bhp in a light chassis would be plenty for me. im all for lighter cars with less power.
  15. for a street car 300 - 400. any higher and you get a terrible gas bill.
  16. Mustang, 400 off the rears range (pretty close to 500 flywheel?)
  17. 800hp - 1000hp = -200hp


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  18. 500 hp 950 kgs of wieght or a GT1 race cars power and weigt
  19. 350hp is magic imo, the car is fast and powerful, but not to the point where its undrivable.
  20. I like the option 'more than everyone else' so I picked that one.
  21. Stick an LS7 in it.
  22. if I performance car needs more than 400hp, it weighs too much.

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