Enzo at nurburgring?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by TyCosta, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. SO wait. I wasnt able to read how the enzo did on the track? What was its total time?
  2. It crashed. Then caught fire. 3 people died.
  3. RIP
  4. Gumpert>all this shit
  5. Whit that profit, I came again! MUAHAHAHAHHHH!!
  6. lol his pretty on the money u fgt.
  7. So the lp640 does a 7'40... that is great for such a heavy car =)..

    im curious to see how fast the LP670SV can go.. a little over 7'30 would be possible and Awesome !!!
  8. You're underrating the SV
  9. Where did you find your avatar ?

  11. I lost it ok ?

    I took that picture 4 years ago don't know where it is
  12. just take a look to supercarmovies.com they have some nice video about that test

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