enzo killer

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  1. yep: Bugatti Veyron, LeBlanc Mirabeau, SSC Ultimate Aero TT, Ultima GTR 640 and GTR 720, Koenigsegg CCX and CCXR edition, Caparo T1, etc.

    besides: It's dumb to compare an ALMS concept car that doesn't even exist in production form yet and will never be street legal to a normal, road going supercar!!! That's like saying that the Audi R8 or R10 TDI is an Enzo killer! Totally irrelevent comparison. Think before you type.
  2. This car would absolutely obliterate an Enzo. They did a comparison of a GT2 class Porsche against a Porsche Carrera GT and the 911 GT3 RSR was 9 seconds faster around the track than the CGT. If a GT2 car is faster than just about every supercar, this will easily, without a doubt run circles around any production car on a track.
  3. Not only are you wrong but you make yourself look like an idiot saying that. There are easily 20 production cars that would ass rape this around a track and in every other type of contest. You know nothing about this car because there is no info so your full iof shit.
  4. i wonder it will be as fast as the fxx
  5. i wonder it will be as fast as the fxx
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    You obviously don't know who I am. And it's obvious because you just troll in the shitty indies posting nothing but shit. I have about the most vast knowledge of sports car racing of anyone on this entire site, and I know the Courage C65 from which this Mazda is based very well.

    A GT2 class car like a 911 GT3 RSR or Ferrari 430 GT2 IS far quicker around a track than an Enzo could ever be and if a GT2 car is 9 seconds a lap faster than a Carrera GT, than a car based upon an LMP2 chassis WILL just blow any road car away.

    And since you claim I haven't provided any info, here it is: http://www.roadandtrack.com/article.asp?section_id=7&article_id=3377&page_number=1

    Read it and STFU n00b!
  7. No it won't It would be destroyed in LMP1, beaten without to much trouble.
  8. He never said LMP2 and it's less powerful than all the LMP2's... But this will still run circles around a Enzo, for heavens sake the thing is a full blown race car.
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    Pud knocker I don't need to know who you are. Of couse a racer like a gt3RSR or 430 gt2 would win that camparison is obvious. #$%# you really are a retard
  10. You are a moron, there are NUMEROUS production cars that would destroy this not only in the straight line but on a track as weel

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