Enzo Wallpaper

Discussion in 'Artwork - Photoshops and Sketches' started by ImprezaBuff, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. Muscle spammed this page . And was banned .
  2. Please post the pics of the white F40 in your avatar, a white F40, that's sexy.
  3. Very sexy indeed.
  4. Do you know where those F40 pics were taken? They're new to me.. Is that one of the sultan's? In the last pic there's a Passat with some writing below the plate - some sort of malaysian etc.. could it still be in Brunei?
  5. I'm not sure, but I thought these pics were taken in Tokyo
  6. Well those definately dont look like Jap plates..
  7. About that F40. There was a thread about it on sc.net, but i can't find it anymore. I believe someone said the plates were from a dealer or something.

    Maybe you can find it.

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