Equus anyone?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by RIDDIK, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Personally I think it looks cool, but for that price range I could list a dozen other cars I'd rather buy/modify to my liking.
  2. It looks like the illegitimate bastard of a 60's Mustang and a new Dodge Challenger. I'll give them points for effort, but the front doesn't really mesh with the rest of the car.
  3. Ya like
    would like a proper 60s/70s dash, though
  4. almost there.

    way too much though. I'd rather buy some random ProTouring car off of ebay for like, 1/4 of the price.

    It's definitely Mustang + GTO by the way. I know that opinions aren't really disputable but....if you say otherwise, you're wrong.
  5. Hyundai?
  6. Also Mazomoto Equus by Janos Tasi
  7. um, no..looks like a Mustang boned a classic Charger..and watf is up with the price
  8. I kinda sorta like it, but I could never own it and probably wouldn't even want to drive it. I feel like people would think you were the biggest #$%# in the world in that thing.
  9. The price seems absurd.
  10. Mustang body
    Charger nose
    GM motor
    Ferrari emblem
    Hyundai name
  11. i guess this is trying to follow the trend of the singer 911 and that eagle jag thing. i get it and it's almost cool. i feel like if it was just a mustang/mopar/gm (pick one) tribute car at a lower price it could be a lot cooler
  12. Yeah, pick one. The singer *is* a 911. The Eagle *is* an etype.

    The equus *is* a travesty.

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