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  1. Does anyone know what the estimated cost of this truck is suppose to be? It looks very nice but the Lightning will still be my choice unless Dodge makes the SRT cost close to the amount of the lightning.
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    $35,000<!-- Signature -->
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    35K... You sure?
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    try more in the range of 60,000
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    the ford lightning is around 35,000
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    This car is supposed to ring in at $45000. This is according to Car and Driver and Road and Track. This is coming in August.
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    i heard that it is going to be about $80,000 canadian
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    It'll probably be around 50-60K USD, seeing as you can get a fully loaded 2002 Ram 1500 Regular Cab 4x2 at a price of around 30K.
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    I would think around $50,000USD is about right. maybe?<!-- Signature -->
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    yea, around 50-60 thousand US<!-- Signature -->
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    I'd ring it in at 40-45K for the whole.

    Take a base Regular cab Dodge Ram 4x2 (roughly 18.5K), delete the engine/drivetrain/brakes, etc... (5K) another 1K for bumper deletes, add about 15K for the motor/drivtrain/brakes etc... Add 5K for the Body Kit, and 2.5K for the extra added options (what little they maybe), and it comes out to be about 40K.

    It could be more, and it could be less, I guess we'll know when it comes out.

    Also I think I read somewhere that Vipers are built by hand (or atleast for the most part built by hand) at a specific factory, which also brings up the cost. Just because this uses the heart of the viper doesn't mean it's gonna be viper priced. I mean performance wise, this won't even touch a viper, so Dodge has nothing to lose, since Viper Buyers are in a different segment than Sport-truck buyers. I mean those who are gonna get a viper, aren't gonna get the truck, just because it costs less. They get a viper, because they want a viper.<!-- Signature -->
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    heard it was gonna be 24 grand<!-- Signature -->
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    Well, that seems a little cheap to me, considering the 2002 Ram with the 5.9L was about $30,000.<!-- Signature -->
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    ne thing under 40 is unreal. the engine alone from MPP is almost 15000USD. expect at least 45000USD, i've read an estimate of 50,000 (mopar magaizine or something like that) so i'd expect it to range 45000-55000. this truck will not have very many options... so expect it to be fairly close astested/msrp base.
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    One of my friends said that they might start this SRT- 10 out at 25k. Now that I think of that, my friend is a flippin lunatic. I think, since the truck has the Viper engine, that it will start out above the Lightning, at around 40- 55k, considering the Ram is going to be able to kill the Lightning, it should cost a bit more.
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    Because it is such an exclusive engine, I'd say 55-65 grand.
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    Dodge announced they wouldn't go above $55,000. From all the resources available, my guess would be between $40,000 and $45,000. They stated they wanted to still be affordable. I also talked with my insurance company, State Farm. They said it would be almost the same as a Mustang GT or Camaro Z28 to insure.
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    I'm saying about 40-45K sounds rite, because you can get a New Ram 1500 with the Hemmy engine in it for about 20K that is with nothing special in it just all base stuff! But the Hemmy engine is a nice enging also! But the SRT-10 has performance everything! I WANT ONE!
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    I bet 45-50 MAX, cuz theres no way anyone would pay 60+ for this thing. I could go out and buy a freakin viper v-10 for 10k and have installed for about 2-3k (maybe more) and still come in at under 50k. Chrysler knows this, and theres no way there gonna price it in a way where its cheaper to do the conversion than it is to buy the real thing.
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    PS you can check out the production version of the SRT-10 at, Dodge just released it. It looks pretty damn good.
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    Hey just for the record it isn't spelled hemmy, but hemi. I say that this will be 40-45k because it does perform better than the Ford Lightning which is 30-35k. Oh by the way cavilierlover69, the reason Srt-10 performs better than the Lightning is because the Srt-10 has the vipers V10 and the Lightning has a V8. If I was to buy one I would buy the Lightning.
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    I'd say about 45K

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