Ever heard of the "Black Widow" ZR1's...

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    I hate GM for stopping production of the ZR1's in preparing for the arrival of Z06's.
    Read the following and check out the engine pics. Very nice! http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/specs/zr1/blackwidow.html

    Basically in 1993 8 corvette zr1's had the black widow package, rated a 50 state legal 475hp, (Gm knew the viper gts was coming out with 450hp)

    A 1990 ZR1 convertible was also in the testing, but like always GM dumps its lusty creations, this time in favor of making the LS1's instead
    Read here for the convertible,

    The ultimate dream vette that should've been, The Black Widow ZR1 Convertible, forget about ferraris and lamborghinis...
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    That would have been a helluva of a Corvette, cuz the ZR-1 was already a bad ass of a car. I remember reading on one post that GM made some ZR-1 with even more performance that was lighter and having more power, but it was called the Snake Skinner.
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    The Snake Skinner stripped around 200 pounds off the ZR1, got rid of all the accessories (who needs AC when you have a window and who needs a radio when you have a V8?), and threw on magnesium Dymag wheels (which I have been trying to find for when I get my Vette). On the engine, they advanced the cam and increased the size of the throttle bodies, plus a few other tweaks. They also ditched the cats and gave it straight pipes, which means in addition to running like hell it was loud as hell. I also think the white body, white wheels, black targa top combo looks sharp. Too bad it was a one off, sort of like the ZL1 back in the day.
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    And they didnt stop producing the ZR1 in favor of the Z06 Corvette, they stop building ZR1 engines back in 1993. They sold so few of them that the engines lasted until 1995. With all of the performance that the ZR1 gave you the 1997 Base C5 offered you ZR1 performance at half the price.

    If the ZR1 C4 was made at the same time as the base C5 was made no one in their right mind would pay $70,000+ dollars for it when they can spend $38,000 and put the rest into the engine killing the ZR1. If you put $28,000 into the C5 you can end up with a 427(7.0L LS6) that pumps out 725HP @ 7,500rpms. Pick the Z51 package and put better then stock C5 tires on it with that motor and you would end up with a car that can do over 1.0Gs on teh skidpad and leave the Mclaren F1 behind in a straight line.

    The C4 ZR1 was a great car and it had a great European motor in it but the C5 just made it obsolete. The C5 is over 4 tiems stiffer then the C4 and it is lighter as well. More aerodynamic, and had a much more efficent motor.

    It will run 1 second slower then the C4 ZR1 on a race track, While the C5 Z06 will absolutely smoke the C4 ZR1. It will even be able to handle the famed snake skinner as well. Or you can buy a Hammer Z06 with 475HP.

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