Ever see the movie "The Gumball Rally"?

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  1. In the Movie "The Gumball Rally" based on the original Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash there is a great Daytona Spider that is shown alot and is involved in a lot of high speed racing sceenes.
    And By the way in the real Cannonball a blue Daytona coupe driven by magazine editor Brock Yates and LeMans winner and F1 driver Dan Gurney drove from NY-LA in 35 hours and 56 minutes.
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    I referenced the Cannonball Run Daytona in the other thread- a very impressive feat likely never to be duplicated
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    I heard that the Daytona actually hit 174 MPH on the road, can anyone else confirm or deny this?
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    I do know that durring the cannonball Yates and Gurney got a speeding ticket in Arizona for going 165mph in a i think 65 mph zone. So its highly likly one could go that fast. A Jaguar XJS holds the record when it won the 1979 cannonball with a time of 32:51.
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    According to the Road & Trak article, Gurney & Yates were stopped for doing 143 in a 55.

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