evo: F430 Spider vs G-Spyder

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by FerrariAKL, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Anyone got a scan? Who wins the test?
  2. I think the G won but I have yet to see the article.
  3. All the Yank mags have picked the Ferrari, so it will be interesting to see what evo thinks...
  4. It is interesting. from what ive seen there is no real answer. it is up to YOU. when comparing the 04 Gallardo the F430 won, then the 06 came along with the power boost and all and the Gallardo was said to be much inmproved but still not better (but some said it was better) and then Autocar claimed the Gallardo to be better and now EVO says the G is better. Ill stick with the Gallardo.
  5. I have the magazine but no scanner. They Lamborghini won by a tiny margin. Not because it is a better car just because the journalist liked it better - mainly because of its looks.
  6. The American mags (C&D, MT) who have tested the cars went with the F430 because of superior performance and driver involvement, although I believe one of them thought that the Lambo looked better. Regardless, with cars like this the choice is usually an emotional one anyway.
  7. I'd take the Ferrari.
  8. same here
  9. I think most mags have said that the F430 is more fun to drive but asides from that the Gallardo is superior in terms of build quality, yada yada yada.
  10. I'd take the Gallardo because it is a Lamborghini.

    'Nuff said.
  11. well said my friend, well said
  12. Hands down not even close...................
  13. I really don't like the looks of the Gallardo spyder. But i'd probably take a Gallardo coupe over a F430 coupe.
  14. Ive seen them numerous times all around town. I would have to choose the gallardo for looks. Something isnt quite right about the 430. Although, seeing the heat waves come off the engine on a 80 degree day was pretty nice. The 360 seemed better styled IMO, but the 430 is a better track car than the gallardo.

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