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  1. all 4 sho
  2. Last year I did 20 trackdays. 15 in my 05 STi, 5 in an 03 911 GT2.

    mpg is a long time autocrosser.

    not everyone on here is an armchair racer like you.
  3. how old are you?
  4. no, no one here has ever touched a car, much less drove one on a race track.
  5. As can the GT-R, and in fact the GT-R can so even better with a bigger boot a bigger leg room in the back. I also saw videos of people having fun with the car and sliding it, I didn't heard them complaining that the car wasn't rewarding.
  6. i never said it couldnt be used as a street car. I was designating between things like the GTR or GT3 and the atom/ultima/caterham. The GT3 is one of the most rewarding street cars on the planet to drive, I have not seen a review that has said the same yet. They all seem to focus on how fast the GTR is, or how easy it is to drive. Im not saying its not as rewarding, just that people havent seemed to indicate that yet.
  7. The GT3 is RWD and manual. It keeps fancy electronics to a minimum. The GT-R is designed to get around a track as fast as possible even if it sacrifices driver involvement. Not sayin the GT-R is bad or anything in fact I'd take a GT-R over a GT3. But it would be because I don't have skill.
  8. i just realized MPG brought up Reliability as a point for the GTR. A: how the hell are you going to bring up reliability for a car that hasnt been out long enough yet and B: how the hell is any sports car going to get reliability as a plus over the tankeqsue porsche?
  9. What are generally referred to as trackday cars are 99.99% of the time, lightweight, with no electronics. Caterhams, Westfields, Atoms etc. etc.

    In the pursuit of faster laptimes, you take out weight. You don't add electronics.
  10. You're right. It's too new to know its reliability and there isn't much data on the GT3 either. I just assumed that it would be more reliable because it's Japanese, but that's an unjustified assumption. I still insist that the GT3 is more narrowly focused on lap times than the GT-R though.
  11. i would definitely agree its a more track based car, but more in the tactile field rather than pure lap times. obviously its trying to be extremely fast, but its also trying to stay very pure. electronics and AWD and such definitely can help make a fast lap (my car for instance), but they also tend to be less driver oriented.

    the way I see it is the difference between a skilled woodworker and a C&C router. they both can come up with the same thing, but one is very tactile and hands on, where the other is less unique of a final product.
  12. Doesn't the GT3 have any electronics aiding the handling? What does the GT-R have that the GT3 doesn't have?
  13. Japanese badge.
  14. 180 kmh limiter and the possibility of getting sued over getting one.
  15. If you wait for the car to reach it's respective markets you won't get either of those (unless you live in japan).
  16. no launch control, no GPS tracking, no remote control ...
  17. dont forget the rather advanced torque biasing awd system.
  18. ...and no G-meter
  19. PASM !!!
  20. the front to back biasing doesnt exist on the 2wd GT3.
  21. no AWD, no gimmicks but more fun to drive !!!
  22. #$%#ing lol @ remote control <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  23. with dealer mark-ups the GTR will cost the same if not more as a ZR1 lol
  24. But with room for 2 less people, wtf is your point? If you don't like the car stfu about it allready.
  25. lol he never knew..

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