Evo Magazine - Veyron & McLaren F1 acceleration

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  1. I have two magazines of Evo released years apart, but it's interesting to compare the acceleration times of the Veyron and the McLaren F1.

    According to their times, the F1 is actually faster than the Veyron to 200mph!!!
  2. seriously, wtf
  3. Nick Masons GTR? Modified? I would have guessed it was slower at high speeds due to the wing...
  4. Different days?

    Track temp and wind direction could have made the difference
  5. Different decade. The F1 times were apparntly recorded by Autocar back int the 90's. And it is a stock F1, not modified.

    Also, some of the earlier claims by Bugatti of 200mph in 20 seconds are clearly way off. Also, reading the Evo article, they say that the Veyron's acceleration markedly loses it's vigor above 170mph.
  6. McLaren F1 is one of the most aerodynamic high performance cars ever built with body shaped by wind tunnel, and it has higher power to weight ratio than Veyron. IMO the results are not very surprising.
  7. still the kang
  8. the F1 test was done by autocar over a decade ago. far different testing equipment. far different conditions.

    the Veyron can get to 186 mph in 18 seconds (AMS). there is no way in hell it takes another 10 seconds to go another 14 mph. im sure if you extrapolate the AMS test it would show the 0-200 time in the low 20s.
  9. The F1 is just THAT brilliant that nothing is allowed to be faster than it.
  11. What do Bugatti claim/state 0-200mph for the veyron?
  12. i think its been tested at 22sec
    any way i saw these to go at it on top gear last night maclaren beats it from stand still but vayron beats it after 500, 600 meters or so kinda dissapointed i wanted the maclaren to win
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  18. Veyron's usually around 23-25 seconds to 200 mph, and I'm no veyron fan (HUGE McLaren F1 fanboy). That being said, Nick Mason's GTR would rape the dog bollocks of the Veyron to 200 mph
  19. Dont forget, the veyron while although fast is heavy, it does take a toll once its awd cant help it anymore, neither can its aero package compared to other cars.

    heck even the s7tt with a mere 750bhp was faster than the veyron after 100
  20. Invalid test: runs not conducted simultaneously.
  21. not only were they not on the same day, they weren't in the same decade. the Veyron can get to 186 mph in 18 seconds. its 200 mph time is gonna be in the low 20s.
  22. haha! win
  23. then might as well make any test data irrelevant...by your own admission of data becaust its not on the same day/decade.

    its simple, while the veyron launchs insanely quick, it starts to loose its advantage to other like cars after 100.

    and 200mph is usually like 22-25's for the veyron
  24. actually the veyrons 100-200 or 100-300 times are still faster than other competing cars (ie CCX)

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