Exclusive Lamborghini to debut at Frankfurt '07

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by menoy36, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. "It seems to me they just realized that fanboys would pay anything for a CRRRRAZY-lookin' car! so they made one and slapped a reschlongulous price tag on it to make it even more "exclusive"."

    That's exactly right. From what we've heard about this car prior to its unveiling, they were selling it on style alone. They only approached people they knew were hardcore fans (and presumably with more money than brains).
  2. Plus the additional funds can only help in the r&d of future lambos.
  3. If that's what they use it for, then they can rip off fanboys all they want. As a company, I gotta say good for them for this whatever they do with the money.
  4. Most people who buy them already know that this car will definitely increase in value over time.

    I think its a good move by lambo to both earn some cash, and to make some rich folks even richer in 5-10 years.
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    Derek D rules.
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    that guy should STFU and return when he can pronounce Scuderia correctly.
  7. I'm not convinced this will increase in value all that much. It's already SO expensive.
  8. F-22 Raptor my yellow hairy ass.
  9. He's right about this Lambo.
  10. You should STFU and return when you grow 2 brain cells.
  11. its retarded to buy a car like this for its value. Id buy it to enjoy it. Speculators suck ass.

  12. Well, I admit that I initially didn't give much realization in terms of the direction lamborghini is going in, in terms of design. However, that aside, paying an extra $1 million for what essentially is an LP640 to me is silly (although there is the whole Ferrari P4/5 thing, but even that was an entirely different design). When I first heard about this new Lamborghini, I expected a lot more than a radically redesigned Murcielago, especially when it was announced that it was going for $1 million+. I mean, engine is the same, chassis, interior layout...
  13. People will fail to read your posts until you change that avatar.
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  16. BTW, what made Lambo decide to make a car that resembles an American military fighter jet?

    USA #1!#%^& Lol
  17. I heard CCB are an extra cost option. LOL
  18. LMFAO
  19. whats ccb?

    edit: googling now... "construction contractors board?"

    oohhh ok
  20. I love that design, it's like Lamborghini are going back to the extreme designs of the "old days." The Diablo and Murcielago never did anything for me design wise.
  21. And tons have. eg. Fisker, the Aston Zagatos, VW Beetle RSi, Subaru Impreza 22b...

    All you have to do is look at how coachbuilt Italian supercars have traditionally sold at auction to realise the buyers will get their money back anyway.
  22. Carbon Ceramic Brakes.
  23. I have high doubts this car will bring any money in the next 10 years. Look at the CLK GTR which was much more deserving of its high price tag . They cant sell at less than their MSRP now , 10 years after.

    I am also not sure all have been sold. One guy on fchat says he has one coming because lambo offered him one during Pebble Beach when they claimed that all were sold ..
  24. Yeah this might be a xj220 in the making

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