Exclusive Lamborghini to debut at Frankfurt '07

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by menoy36, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. maybe it is a mis-print and it should actually read 0/19 <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  2. Ground breaking? are you serious? this is as ground breaking as the current Toyota Camry.
  3. Or 0120
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    Oh and to give some background to my post:
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  5. OMG, you're such a retard, i wish i could e-strangle you

    seriously, if i knew you in person, you'd be dead by now
  6. Please show me what's ground breaking in the design.

  7. Gimme mine in metallic black.
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    Hey, welcome to the site.
    I'm curious, do you have tested performance data for the P 4/5? Various places quote different figures for it, and I get the feeling that most of the car community is just running on speculation.
  9. FNAF, people might be more inclined to take you seriously if you didn't make a point of flaming the hell out of every single thing Lamborghini does (or what you perceive them to be doing in many cases). Same goes for Panda, but then again he doesn't ask to be taken seriously.

    Try chilling out. Maybe pop in a couple of positive comments every so often. Then people would be more likely to listen to criticisms you make about the company so long as they're constructive.
  10. Wow, a constructive poster! Never knew sutch idealists still lived around here. But nice to see!
  11. I've barely posted in this thread since they unveiled the car. I'm asking him a serious question without flaming.

    Please tell me what's ground breaking about this design. I'm serious.
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    as ground breaking as the 430 from the 360 amirite?
    Not that 360 was groundbreaking to begin with. Because the 360 looks oddly familiar to a car from 1999...

  13. And the answer is of course nothing. I agree with you, it's an LP640 that's had a fight with a trash compactor. But that's not the point I'm trying to make.
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    I know that you asians have ^_^ eyes, but at least try to open them a bit more because that thing looks more Bocar than Modena...
  15. please open your eyes. pictures speak a thousand words and they will give you your answer if you'd only open your eyes.

    but, in short the car is extereme. other supercar makers will have to REALLY think outside of the box to be able to design something that can compete. the Murcielago and the Gallardo were both "edgy" cars. up until the Murcielago, "edgyness" was not in. the cars of that age were more curvious (ie Diablo- even though it had begun to take on some angles too, and 550 and the GT2 and the fairly new Zonda). then as the Murcielago was released, other cars began to adopt the whole "edgy" design theme. one of which would be the Cadillac CTS and the XLR. the 599 that replaced the 575 has indeed utilized more sharp lines. there was also the C6. looking to newer cars, we can see the new Lancer has sharpened up its look and the "new" (relative) for Fusion has some nice angles and lines, and the oval "gorilla nostrils" of the F430 have been replaced for the more rectangular ones on the F430S. the Reventon has taken the "edge" to a new level. designers of supercars will struggle to top it and designers of regular cars will be taking many ques from it as it would be a sort of "roll model" for newer designs.

    again, I agree with pretty much everyone that the car should have had some better performance for 1.5M, or else, cost less. but on the other hand, if they could sell it for more, why wouldnt they?

    I dont however, agree with people who say the car is ugly. this car will be very influencial in terms of design.

    and 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, 0-150 in ~16 seconds and 340 km/h is fast enough, for me and 99.99% of people.
  16. 0-62 3 seconds top speed 233 weight 2600 lbs

  17. Please show me where I stated it was groundbraking
  18. UGHHHH, so because it's "extereme" it's "ground-breaking"?

    Your fanboyness is vomit inducing; please stop being such a retard or stop posting... now you're saying that the Murcielago and the Gallardo are the Holy Grails of modern design and you comment on how they have influenced pretty much the whole industry??? you gotta be shitting me.

    How can this "edgy" design be "ground breaking" when they didn't started this trend?

    Try to respond that.
  19. its not just extreme, its new and different. very countach-like.

    designers take cues from high end designs (ie supercars, high end german luxury cars and the like). there is no denying that the Murcielago and Gallardo have played big rolls (whether or not they started the whole thing, which it seems they did) in taking car designs from round and bumpy, to sleek and edgy with angles and such.

    the Reventon has taken this to a new level, and I wouldnt be surprised if lower end cars began to take design gues from it (ie protruding intakes).

    I may be wrong, or I may be right. this whole "issue" of the Reventon is completely opinion based.

    but ive never seen a car divide the opinions of people like this. it seems where ever I go, people either HATE it, or LOVE it, with the majority hating it. even on lambopower, and your beloved allan hates this car too. its all personal opinion.

    the Reventon is wild, insane, aggressive and contraversial; a true lambo.

    seriously, it doesnt have a bijizillion horsepower, who gives a shit. neither you nor I would be able to handle the 650 it has unless your and insanely good driver.
  20. was inspired by a jet fighter or by a need for speed artist
  21. This is just my take on it: if they're going to charge $1.5 million or whatever the number is, the car had better be something beyond extraordinary. I know that they are only building 20, and that the price reflects exclusivity, but let's think about other cars that have demanded this pricetag: they were either homologations to run in a race series (M-B CLK-GTR, Porsche GT1, etc), or they were something truly groudbreaking from a technical standpoint (Veyron, Mac F1, FXX). Yes, the Reventon looks insane (pretty: no; insane: yes). Yes, I can make out the jet fighter in it, though IMO Cadillac hit the nail on the head better with the Cien when it comes to F-22 inspiration. Yes, there are only 20 of them. However, for $1.5 million I just cant' justify it only having 20 more hp than an LP640 and a different skin. For that money they could have at least used the Veyron motor.

    I've heard several people on various boards comment that this is mainly a business move by Lamborghini to raise new capital for a third model line and/or for the Murcielago replacement; these rumors are mainly based on hearsay that VW is dubious about pumping more money into Lamborghini. I thought that Lambo was turning a profit, though....can anyone clarify any of this?

    All of the cars are pre-sold though, so from a business perspective my reservations about the car obviously don't stack up. I just don't entirely see the point other than as a quick money grab.
  22. lamborghini profits are up 260% on last year.

  23. If that's true, my theory would be mostly bunk, since they wouldn't be desperate for cash. I still hope that the VW Group is committed to Lambo long-term, though; hard to tell what's going to happen in Wolfsburg with Porsche in the picture and Peich back in.
  24. A new model will probably cost 300+ million to develop, so the money from this model would do little to help.

    I have only really like two lambo models, the Miura and the Gallardo. I actually love this design. It has some great details and some really cool views. Of course 1.5 million for a better looking murci, that is a modified Diablo, is a total rip off.
  25. they were doing pretty badly at one stage, so i don't know if they're making too much profit yet, but porsche could definetly become a problem. I don't think they're happy with lamborghini or bugatti <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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