F1 2014 Guessing Game

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  1. HAM

  2. I've made it 25%.
    Picks made after qualifying will be 50%, since there is a possible benefit to be gained from knowing the grid.
    I've also included a provision for rounding to the nearest 0.5 point, so we have mostly whole numbers in the final scores.
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  4. ALO

    PC: 8 retirements
  5. Sounds fun, good job bugatti. Keep this here in Gen Chat, might generate some more F1 interest.
  6. Is anyone with me on the sound of the new cars?

    Now that there's been more good quality video of the new cars running I'm actually really liking the sounds they make. Sure they don't rev like they used to, but the added turbocharged racket makes them sound quite exciting.
  7. Likewise. It doesn't beat the V10s, let alone the early 90s V12s (*drools*) but I never really liked the V8s so it's a decent step up from that.
  8. Alonso

    PC: 5
  9. *waits for mid corner noises*
  10. That's another thing - with the higher torque engines and less aero grip I think you'll really be able to hear how the drivers are working the throttle mid corner... unlike the V8s which had very little character.
  11. Yeah, turbos spinning at full noise on part throttle
  12. Can someone post when qualifying starts? I won't be able to do anything about this until at least Monday night.
    I'll be at the inside of Turn 1/2 for qualy and the start/finish line for the race.
  13. I've never watched an F1 race. Should I?
  14. I've only seen one F1 car do a demonstration at Donington Park (Renault R28), and it was ridiculous.

    TV slows the cars down a lot... I can't imagine seeing a whole grid of them thundering around. Probably worth going to a race.
  15. If you do watch at least 2 or 3.
  16. I went to the Indy GP in 2003 and the start of the race was insanely loud. I was sitting on the main straight and seeing cars thundring past you at 210mph was awesome to witness.

    Something that should be on everyone's bucket list
  17. F1 stories?

    I went to the 2011 Monaco F1. Time of my life. The best part was heading to Monaco from Nice during the qualifying. I sat in a small cafe somewhere up the mountain but still in the heart of the city. As I drank a beer and watched the the qualifying on a small television, volume turned down, you cold hear the car going around the track outside of the cafe door, echoing in the valley below.

    Then Sergio Perez crashed in Quali and it was eerily silent.
  18. Sat 17:00 Local.

    I'm sure it started earlier the last couple years
  19. To get you started, watch one of the classic races on the best tracks. The Australian GP is pretty good. But also worth it is Monaco, Belgium, Canada, Japan and Brazil.
  20. The first time I saw an F1 car live in action I was sitting on the pit straight at Melbourne 2005. It was Antonio Pizzonia driving the BMW Williams in a time handicap race against a BMW coupe and a V8 Supercar. The F1 car departed soooo much later than the others I was thinking it was impossible it would catch up - even though when it left the line it rocked my world.

    Anyways, near the end of the race, the coupe and the V8 supercar were already half way down the main straight and the F1 was still nowhere in sight. Then it came flashing through and absolutely roared down the main straight and blitzed the other cars to the finish line, and the 19,000 RPM V10 nearly made my ears bleed in the process. Unforgettable first F1 moment.
  21. My first F1 race was back in 1978. Witness Gilles Villeneuve's first F1 win, on home soil.
    A day I'll never forget.
  22. Not sure Vettel can handle the torque! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  23. wow, that's really cool tbh
  24. seen a couple of f1 demonstrations on zandvoort. they're pretty #$%#ing loud. also seen old f1 cars race in some competition.

    also saw lewis hamilton when he was in f3 still.

  25. Ya rly

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