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  1. Just wait until Melbourne before making judgement.
    Thats why the first GP of the season is always good.
  2. Jerez update: Button and Brawn hit the 1:17 mark
    Tuesday 17th March 2009

    Jenson Button and Brawn GP lived up to expectations in the early hours of Tuesday morning's Jerez test as the Brit broke into the 1:17s.

    Having shown impressive pace since Brawn GP bought the former Honda team and pitted their new BGP001 against its rivals at Barcelona last week, many have predicted that Brawn could be the team to beat this season.

    And on Tuesday morning Button seemingly proved just that.

    The Brit, who took over from team-mate Rubens Barrichello on Monday afternoon, broke into the 1:17s with a 1:17.844 after just 20 odd laps and with the track still set to improve as the day continues.

    It must be noted, though, that Button's lap time was set during a two-lap qualifying run on low fuel.

    But, having said that, so too was Nico Rosberg's P2 time and that was 0.227 seconds slower than Button's.

    Nelson Piquet Jr was also in action for Renault, with the Brazilian showing a much better turn of pace as he got to within 0.6s off Button's P1 time.

    As for Lewis Hamilton, the last man present, he continued to struggle in his MP4-24 and found himself 1.2s off the pace at the lunch break.

    Times at lunch
    1. J. Button Brawn GP 1:17.844 63 laps
    2. N. Rosberg Williams 1:18.071 +0.227 42 laps
    3. N. Piquet Jr. Renault 1:18.382 +0.538 63 laps
    4. L. Hamilton McLaren 1:19.121 +1.277 50 laps
  3. They finally did some low fuel runs
  4. Interesting differences in BGP and McCedes rear deck defuser:
  5. the reason the Brawn GP diffuser is different from Mclaren, Ferrari, BMW, RBR, STR, FI is the fact that Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota found a loophole in the FIA rules to have 175mm distance from the rear structure to create a double decker diffuser by using this loophole there are rumors that renault, ferrari and bmw are going to protest this loophole at melbourne because it has given BGP,Williams and Toyota better aeroflow and downforce stability in rear. That solution could be worth as much 0.3 tenths per lap.
  6. I'm feeling fairly confident about my facebook fantasy F1 picks right now
  7. Earlier today and I was comparing those two to Renault's diffuser. Interesting stuff.
  8. Interesting indeed. You can clearly see that the Brawn GP diffuser has better aerodynamics and produces more downforce.
  9. When it comes to aerodynamics, it's impossible to clearly see anything with the naked eye.

    It's such a complex issue that what seems right isn't necessarily the best option.
  10. Haha I was just pulling your leg buddy.

    But yeah it always makes me lol when someone makes a visual assessment on aerodynamic efficiency in F1.

    EDIT: btw, when is the new podcast coming out?
  11. We've decided to record one every two weeks.
  12. What topic(s) are coming up? Wouldn't mind sending in some listener mail hehe.
  13. The recent F1 rules change will likely be a major talking point. Possibly GDC as well.
  14. Oh k cool, well I suppose everyone's opinions on the new cars, point systems, etc are clear to see in the latest threads.
  15. Car is perfectly legal, says Barrichello
    18 March 2009

    Rubens Barrichello has slammed rumours that the new Brawn-Mercedes is illegal, after reports suggested that the car's diffuser could be taking advantage of more than just a loophole in the sporting regulations.

    "You're asking if we're legal?" the Brazilian questioned reporters. "When someone is behind it is easier to claim your rivals are against the rules rather than to work better than them. Our team is very much within the regulations."

    There has also been speculation over the pats week that the team has been running a lighter car in testing than the rules permit, although Barrichello is confident that the talents behind the BGP 001 are to thank: "It is very manageable and very powerful; I believe the greatest secret is the team - the quality has always been there."

    Rubens began his F1 career with Jordan in 1993 before moving to Stewart four years later, and Ferrari for the start of the new millennium. His Honda debut came in 2006, and he has remained with the team ever since despite enduring three difficult seasons so far. "I left Ferrari to find a team that would give me equal conditions and more freedom - not having to race for Michael Schumacher," he admitted.

    "I now have a strong car, and we believe that we will be within the three strongest teams in Australia which are Ferrari, Toyota and BMW with perhaps Alonso's Renault being a surprise."
  16. So am I the only person who sees this as a great sponsorship option:

    Brawny GP

    EDIT: The flannel printed jumpsuits for driver and crew would be priceless
  17. Hahahaha. Nice.
  18. That would be brilliant! But I'm curious if this was your idea or Jackie's? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  19. No no this one was totally mine. Her's tend more toward the Newey hidden solar panels and the like....
  20. Sir Frank Williams believes that the new Brawn GP team may find themselves with a huge advantage at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix this weekend. The Ex-Honda outfit underwent a management buyout earlier this month as it took the name of Team Principal Ross Brawn, who started his F1 career with Williams in 1978.

    Sir Frank Williams
    "Ross started to work for us as a junior in the little wind tunnel; he just made his own career and pulled himself up by his bootstraps, and now has great knowledge from his time at Ferrari," Williams told The Daily Express. "It is no accident that their new car is absurdly superior - they are making the rest of us look like amateurs. In Australia they will disappear on the basis of what we have seen in testing. I just hope we can be up there, too."

    Sir Frank's positive words for the Brawn team are in stark contrast to those used to describe his own team's progress since its last World Championship victory; holders of nine Constructors' titles, the team has not celebrated major success since 1997. "It is embarrassing," Williams admitted. "We have not done well but there is no point in moaning and groaning, we just keep it to ourselves and try to do better. But we are very good, loyal, honest citizens of Formula One and a good racing team who deserve to be there."

  21. Red Bull plans protest against Brawn
    24 March 2009

    Red Bull Racing has threatened to protest against the design of the diffuser used by the new Brawn GP team, as the F1 circus heads to Australia for the first race of the year this weekend. If such a situation arises, Brawn's fate will lie in the hands of the event's stewards.

    Red Bull's Helmut Marko
    Before practice gets underway on Friday, however, all cars must first be examined by FIA-appointed scrutineers. Red Bull has made its feelings clear though that it is sure the part does not conform to 2009 regulations. "It's illegal," Helmut Marko said on behalf of the team. "We'll make a protest on Thursday if the component isn't modified to meet the regulations, because that diffuser guarantees a half second advantage every lap - seven teams are certain it's illegal," he explained to Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport.

    The Ex-Honda team showed impressive performances in its only two pre-season tests, topping the timesheets with both drivers at the wheel in Barcelona and Jerez. Marko's comments follow those of FIA President Max Mosley, at the end of last week, predicted controversy over the diffusers of Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams.
  22. F1.com said that Brawn GP have no plans to run KERS this season as of yet.
  23. Diffuser row rumbles on
    Wednesday 25th March 2009

    The new Formula One season is being threatened by a fresh row and potential protest before a wheel has turned in Melbourne.

    The latest turmoil surrounds the design of the rear diffuser on the cars belonging to Williams and Toyota, and most notably, Brawn GP.

    The remaining seven teams all believe their three rivals have built a far bigger diffuser - a device that aids airflow at the back of a car - than the new regulations allow.

    Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota have apparently taken the stance that their interpretation of the rulebook is different, and therefore their designs are legal.

    However, Brawn GP and Toyota in particular were noticeably quick in pre-season testing, raising eyebrows and leading to questions about their diffusers.

    With the season-opening Australian Grand Prix just four days away, there is the prospect of a protest looming on Wednesday once the cars have been put through scrutineering.

    Renault boss Flavio Briatore recently voiced his concerns, with his sentiments echoed earlier this week by Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali.

    "We are convinced that certain interpretations that have been applied do not correspond to the nature of the rules," said Domenicali.

    "If that extractor is illegal then it must not be used, while if it is legal it's up to the other teams, including us, to try to adapt as soon as possible, because performance is found in that area of the car."

    Domenicali is hoping the situation does not come down to a protest, adding: "There needs to be a great sense of responsibility on everyone's part.

    "I hope this issue can be resolved beforehand."

    But there is every likelihood a protest will be launched, as has been confirmed by Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko.

    "It's illegal," insisted Marko.

    "We'll make a protest on Thursday if the component isn't modified to conform to the regulations, because that diffuser guarantees a five-tenths (of a second) advantage per lap.

    "Seven teams are certain it's illegal."
  24. Lucky Strike, would you kindly include the source of articles that you post?
  25. Lucky Strike, would you kindly include the source of articles when you post them?

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