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  1. Red Bull joins Toyota in 2010 entry boycott

    Quote from f1-live.com;

    Red Bull joins Toyota in 2010 entry boycott
    Two more team's unwilling accept Mosley's stance
    10/05/09 22:24

    Red Bull has followed Toyota in declaring that it will not enter next year's world championship under the current regulations.

    Toyota's team President John Howett made the threat this weekend in Barcelona, as other teams including Ferrari and BMW also openly baulk at the governance of the sport by Max Mosley and his plans for voluntary budget caps.

    "Conditions at the moment are not so, that we would enter a team for next year," Red Bull team owner Dietrich Mateschitz, at the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, said in an interview that will be published by Austria's Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper on Monday.

    The billionaire suggested that the other `manufacturer teams´will also not take part. "Of the teams now, only two or three will remain," Mateschitz added.

    The FIA's deadline for 2010 entries is May 29th.

    McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh said after a two-hour meeting of the FOTA teams on Sunday that public threats about not meeting the deadline are `not helpful´.

    However, it is expected that, depending on the outcome of a meeting with Mosley in London next week, FOTA could announce a sweeping boycott of the May 29 deadline.
  2. Red Bull joins Toyota in 2010 entry boycott

    Quote from f1-live.com;

    Briatore fires the FIA another warning
    Warns of diluting the Formula One brand
    11/05/09 11:36

    Renault is not yet joining the threats of a 2010 entry boycott, but team boss Flavio Briatore has made clear his opposition to a £40m budget cap.

    It is expected that when the May 29th deadline for 2010 team entries closes, only Williams, Brawn and Force India will have submitted paperwork.

    It is believed that all the other teams, to meet for another round of FOTA talks as soon as this week, will shortly clarify that they are not willing to accept Max Mosley's regulations as they stand.

    Briatore, although a staunch supporter of radical cost-cutting in Formula One, told Germany's Welt am Sonntag newspaper that his objection is to the opening of the door to cut-price outfits.

    "Whoever has 20 or 25 million Euros should not be able to operate a Formula One team," said the Italian. "If we make that possible, the brand will be worth nothing.

    "It would be like seeing discount stores suddenly established on an exclusive shopping street," said Briatore, the owner of high-end clubs and fashion stores named Billionaire.

    He said the situation is serious, because big names including Toyota, BMW and Red Bull have already threatened to quit over the situation.

    "Without big, important names - and Ferrari is one of them - Formula One is worth much less," the 59-year-old insisted.

    But he suggested that he is not completely opposed to the idea of budget capping.

    "I could imagine that FOTA - not in 2010, but starting from 2011 - agrees with the FIA on a minimum sum per year, that is obligatory for all the teams," said Briatore.

    "A brutal solution, that is before us at the moment, doesn't have a chance," he insisted.
  3. Despite all this gesturing, they will all have their papers signed by the 29th.
  4. Yeah, probably.
  5. With FOTA now all working together... they just may not. FOTA could disagree with this setup, and start there own series that would be much better then current F1. And its not like they dont have the money to do it.
  6. whiney motherfUckers
  8. I'd have no problems with Ferrari leaving F1 for Le Mans.
  9. F*cking-A. Bring on the LMP1 Ferraris!
  10. Quote from dailyf1.com;

    Ecclestone not worried Ferrari will quit
    “They don't want to leave Formula One”
    12/05/09 09:00

    Ferrari's executive board is meeting on Tuesday to discuss Formula One, but Bernie Ecclestone is not worried the Italian team is planning to call time on its long association with the sport.

    The meeting comes amid other teams' 2010 entry boycott threats, and Ferrari and Formula One Teams' Association President Luca di Montezemolo's fierce spat with Max Mosley over planned budget caps.

    But Ecclestone told London's Times newspaper: "Ferrari are not stupid. They don't want to leave Formula One and we don't want to lose them, so we'll get to grips with it.

    He suggested that the main gripe is with the 'two-tier' element of the FIA's proposed rules for 2010, but that the prospects of that are ‘slowly disappearing’.

    Ecclestone also revealed that the teams are uneasy about external auditors probing the teams' accounts to police the cap, but the Briton said the teams will be allowed to oversee their expenditure themselves.
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  12. I started whining when they started whining
  13. Wasn't Bernie the same #$%#tard that said, "F1 could live without Ferrari"? or was that his nazi orgy buddy Mosley?
  14. It was Mosley.
  15. *sniffle* Well he started it, mom! *sniffle* HE STARTED IT!

    You still whine way to much.
  16. Do you really think they can keep up with Audi?

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