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    No use making multiple threads for shit that most people dont read let alone care about



    Mercedes GP are reportedly seeking a long-term contract with Nico Rosberg, enticing him with the offer of building the team around him.

    With Mercedes having purchased the 2009 Championship-winning Brawn GP team, rebranding it Mercedes GP, the outfit opted for an all-German line-up with Rosberg teaming up with Michael Schumacher.

    But it's been the younger German and not the seven-time F1 World Champion who has led Mercedes GP's charge.

    Rosberg trounced Schumacher in 2010 and again this season he has found himself well ahead of his team-mate in the Drivers' Championship.

    This has reportedly prompted Mercedes GP to concede that it is Rosberg and not Schumacher who is the team's future.

    And the German outfit's team bosses are now keen to ensure that Rosberg remains a part of their future with Sport Bild claiming they are keen to sign him until 2016.

    "I count on the fact that he will be with us in 2012, and if it comes down to me, he will be here much longer," said Mercedes motorsport boss Norbert Haug.

    And the team is willing to offer Rosberg a tidy sum for his loyalty.

    Not only will his salary increase to ten million per year, but they will also build the team around him, giving him automatic number one status.



    With Wirth Research behind their F1 cars, Virgin entered Formula One with a car designed solely on CFD technology. However, the car proved to be unsuccessful, finishing bottom of the Constructors' Championship in year one.

    And although the team had expected better this season, Virgin have again failed to deliver as the car is not up to scratch. As such, the team has parted ways with Wirth.

    "The decision has been taken that the team will take greater control of its own destiny," Marussia Virgin CEO Andy Webb told Autosport.

    "Accordingly, having consulted with our existing technical partner during the course of the past few weeks, we have been obliged to terminate our relationship with them."

    "I believe that the steps we are taking in terms of our technical leadership and operational excellence will provide us with the robust foundation required to go on and achieve our performance objectives in the years ahead.

    "These are bold but positive steps that will enable us to move forward with confidence."

    The dismal start to this year's Championship has forced the team to focus on next year's car with former Renault engineering director Pat Symonds, who was called up to act as a consultant, believed to be behind the team's new strategy.

    Symonds is also reported supervising Virgin's 2012 car although Webb insists they are still working on improving this year's MVR02.

    "At this time of year it is commonplace for all teams to start looking ahead to the following racing year, whilst continuing to develop the existing car for the remaining races of the current season," he said.

    "The upgrades we have planned for the summer races are now passing from the design phase to the production stage and more and more of our focus is turning to 2012.

    "In light of our long-term plans we will continue to aggressively pursue this strategy, but as next year's regulations contain few changes we hope that some of the development work aimed at the MVR-03 may also find its way onto the current car.

    "In November 2010, sports car manufacturer Marussia Motors acquired a significant shareholding in the Marussia Virgin Racing F1 Team, securing the Team's future and underlining the marque's long-term commitment to Formula One.

    "Over the past six months, Marussia and the Board of Directors have undertaken a comprehensive review in order to ensure that Marussia Virgin Racing has the strongest platform, team of people and resources in place to achieve its long-term ambitions.

    "Integral to this review has been an evaluation of the technical direction of Marussia Virgin Racing. Marussia's goal remains to be in a position to be able to challenge for a podium finish at the inaugural Russian Grand Prix in Sochi 2014.

    "With this in mind, it is readily apparent that the team must take major steps in order to accelerate its rate of improvement.

    "Looking ahead, we will now be pursuing an alternative technical path and look forward to announcing our plans in more detail over the coming weeks."
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    Mercedes GP would be the best bet for Rosberg right now imo, and not surprised about Virgin news, they are apparently looking to start an alliance with (Mclaren or Mercedes) like Force India has done

    found the link

    (Inautonews.com/GMM) Virgin is in talks with McLaren and Mercedes about a technical collaboration for 2012.

    That is the claim of the Italiaracing magazine, saying the situation could be similar to Force India’s current McLaren/Mercedes alliance.

    The report said struggling Virgin’s package would include the engine, transmission, KERS and rear suspension.

    It is the latest rumour suggesting the team is seeking a change of direction after two years with Nick Wirth leading the technical strategy.

    It would also be a big blow to Virgin’s current engine supplier Cosworth, who it is rumoured could also lose Williams to Renault power.
  3. Wirth Research? How he keeps being in touch with F1 is beyond me, I mean, so many failed projects were on his name, going back even way before his Simtek team
  4. Because there where too many threads in Motorsport? :/
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    Next years race calendar


    Round 1 Bahrain, Sakhir – 11 March
    Round 2 Australia, Melbourne – 18 March
    Round 3 Malaysia, Sepang – 1 April
    Round 4 China, Shanghai – 8 April
    Round 5 Korea, Yeongam – 22 April
    Round 6 Turkey, Istanbul – 6 May *
    Round 7 Spain, Barcelona – 20 May
    Round 8 Monaco, Monte Carlo – 27 May
    Round 9 Canada, Montreal – 10 June
    Round 10 United States, Austin – 17 June
    Round 11 Europe, Valencia – 1 July
    Round 12 Great Britain, Silverstone – 15 July
    Round 13 Germany, Hockenheim – 29 July
    Round 14 Hungary, Budapest – 5 August
    Round 15 Belgium, Spa – 2 September
    Round 16 Italy, Monza – 9 September
    Round 17 Singapore – 30 September
    Round 18 Japan, Suzuka – 14 October
    Round 19 India, Greater Noida – 28 October
    Round 20 Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina – 11 November
    Round 21 Brazil, São Paulo – 25 November


    Bahrain will happen this season


    Formula 1 governing body the FIA has officially confirmed that the Bahrain Grand Prix is back on 2011 calendar. Following a World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) meeting in Barcelona on Friday, the Sakhir race has been moved to October 30, with new arrival India now taking an end-of-season slot in December.

    Bahrain was originally due to host the opening round of the World Championship on March 13, only for the event to be postponed due to civil unrest in capital city Manama. An early May date was then pencilled in for a final decision, only for this deadline to be extended to today’s WMSC gathering.

    Despite leading team figures such as Mercedes’ Ross Brawn having disagreed with the reinstatement of Bahrain, stressing that team personnel are in need of a sizeable holiday period before Christmas, the new situation does confirm that the season now extends in length by a fortnight.

    The full FIA statement reads as follows:

    'Following a fact-finding mission undertaken at the request of FIA President Jean Todt, FIA Vice President Carlos Gracia visited Bahrain on 31 May 2011 to assess the situation in the country. Meetings were conducted with the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Bahrain Motor Federation and Bahrain International Circuit, as well as other national and international organisations including Mr. Tariq Al Saffar at the National Institute of Human Rights. It should be noted that the recent announcement by the King of Bahrain has established a political dialogue and reconciliation process.

    After considering all the factors and taking into consideration all stakeholders’ concerns, the WMSC unanimously agreed to reinstate the Bahrain Grand Prix in the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship.

    This decision reflects the spirit of reconciliation in Bahrain, which is evident from the strong support the race receives from the Government and all major parties in Bahrain, including the largest opposition group, all of whom endorse the Formula One Grand Prix and motor sport in the country. The WMSC feels that reinstating the Grand Prix is a means of helping to unite people as the country looks to move forward, and also recognises the commitment made by the Formula One teams, their employees and families, and personnel associated with the Championship including the local team of volunteers who are so vital to the event.

    The Bahrain Grand Prix will take place on 30 October, replacing the Indian Grand Prix, which will now become the final round of the 2011 Championship, combined with the FIA Annual General Assembly and Prize-Giving Gala.'
  6. Why even bother with bringing Bahrain back?

    (watch now bahrain will be the most exciting of 2011)
  7. The marbles off the racing line in the first pic are insane. No wonder Massa couldn't keep it out of the wall alongside Hamilton.
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    Just found some onboard footage of Hamilton vs Massa... cool stuff

    Totally surprised that Massa gave Hamilton so much room in the tunnel though. He really should have held the inside line. So to give that up, and then still try to contest the position on the outside of the tunnel - he really only has himself to blame for crashing.
  9. ugh get rid of valencia already
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    In other news

    lol japan
  11. Tempted to go to Sepang for my birthday next year
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    It would of been awesome if he would of completely made it over the car

    it could be red bulls new logo
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    That sooooo should have been a Darwin Award right there.

    EDIT: That should have been Luke. He would have been honoured to be struck by the Red Bull.
  14. no clue how theyre going to have the austin track done in 1 year. Well see though
  15. so I shouldn't buy tickets and book my hotel yet?
  16. Quote from espnf1.com;

    2012 season

    Twenty races in 2012 - Todt
    ESPNF1 Staff
    June 7, 2011

    FIA president Jean Todt has said that one race will be dropped from the provisional 2012 calendar.

    The FIA announced a record 21-race calendar following its World Motor Sports Council (WMSC) meeting last week. The increase was due to the addition of the United States Grand Prix at the new Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, with no existing races being left out. Only the Turkish Grand Prix remains on the calendar marked as subject to confirmation, but Todt refused to confirm that would be the race to be removed having been asked if the championship would consist of 21 races.

    "Absolutely not," Todt told Diario Sport. "There are 21 dates, but the championship will be 20 grands prix. I don't know which one will go, but the championship will be 20 races."

    If Turkey were to be dropped from its provisional May 6 slot, it would leave the championship with a 4-week gap between the Korean Grand Prix and the start of the European season in Barcelona.
  17. drop valencia
    spain doesnt need two and its a shit track
  18. True.
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    I read somewhere that Massa said the damage sustained from the collision with Hamilton in the hairpin affected the handling of the car and this contributed to his going wide and crashing in the tunnel. Could just be an excuse, but apparently he said that.

    Edit: Here it is http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2011/5/12116.html

    Felipe Massa (DNF)
    “I am very disappointed with the way my race ended. After Hamilton had tried to pass me at Loews, which is an impossible place to do it, hitting me and pushing me into Webber, the car was no longer right and I could not drive it properly, which is why he got on the inside of me inside the tunnel. That put me on the dirt and then I ended up in the barrier."
  21. Why would you book your stay at my house?
  22. I clearly stated hotel sir. I get rather good disounts at some nicer ones.
  23. im saying youve got a free one here anytime :D
  25. I would be a phanof the beautiful muzik you 2 will potentially make together.

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