F1: Turbo 1.6 V6 in 2014?

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    Jun.22 (GMM) Formula one has taken another step towards overturning the scheduled 2013 engine rules.We reported on Sunday that Bernie Ecclestone summoned a meeting of the F1 Commission to take place at Heathrow airport on Wednesday.On the agenda was the formal scuttling of Jean Todt's four-cylinder regulations, because F1 chief executive Ecclestone as well as engine makers Ferrari, Mercedes and Cosworth were opposed.Ecclestone is arguing that Todt improperly introduced the four-cylinder rules without first going to the F1 Commission, and the whisper on Wednesday is that the body has now "unanimously" rubber-stamped an alternative.Telegraph correspondent Tom Cary revealed on Wednesday that F1 will stick with its current V8 engines through 2013 and then switch in 2014 to a new turbo 1.6 litre V6 formula."Unconfirmed as yet," he clarified.The Times' Kevin Eason agreed: "A whiff of compromise. Fascinating engine configuration though."Cary said the new rules will be voted on via fax by the World Motor Sport Council on Monday.
  2. so much to get volkswagen in
  3. better than an I4 i suppose
  4. I'll support this if it means that F1 engines will be over 900BHP once again, as they should be.
  5. 900hp WITHOUT KERS then yes.

    KERS is in no way keeping with the "green" idea.
  6. Single or twin turbo?
  7. nothing like a full restart on engine development to keep costs down
  8. hell eyah turbos
  9. Either way they go this is still good news. Can't wait to hear some turbos, even if it is a few years out. I think F1 still has a lot of work to do, but last year, and this year have been pretty damn good.
  10. Would be really surprised if they go with twin turbos.
  11. I really hope so, It feels strange when Nascar race cars have more bhp than F1-cars.
  12. Quote from espnf1.com;

    2014 engine regulations changed
    ESPNF1 Staff
    June 22, 2011

    The F1 Commission has agreed to delay the introduction of new engines until 2014 and has proposed to change the four-cylinder units to a 1.6 litre V6 turbo.

    Having previously agreed on four-cylinder turbos, many of the teams had expressed opposition to the original 2013 date to switch from the current 2.4 litre V8 engines. FIA president Jean Todt was a keen advocate of the 'greener' engines but had previously admitted that both Ferrari and Mercedes had voiced their concerns to him, while Cosworth recently asked for clarity.

    After the commission met today, it has emerged that the V6 has been agreed upon as a compromise, with KERS hybrid technology remaining in place and a further year's grace being given to develop the new units. The revised regulations will need to be ratified by the World Motor Sports Council following the European Grand Prix on Monday.

    Of the engine manufacturers only Renault had been fully supportive of the four-cylinder proposal, initially issuing Todt with a quit threat if the new regulations were not introduced, although it did later admit it just wanted a swift resolution to the issue.
  13. If they want to go green, shouldn't they promote efficiency?

    just give say 150L of fuel for a race, and they can use any engine configuration they want.
  14. the problem there would be guessing how much fuel to give per race. Theyre all different.
  15. Design the rules to equalise power output, then see them try and make their engine efficient so as to gain an advantage. Then you will see real savings on efficiency.

    /Broken record.
  16. Just get rid of KERS and return to V10.

    Did the savings they did from downsizing to V8s get wasted by KERS development anyway?
  17. I don't think the V8s were meant to save moneys.
  18. They were part of the FIA's vanity project.
  19. IE: Air restrictor.
  20. There is a race length, you can give x amount of gallons per y amount of miles. Then with track characteristics they can deal with it.
  21. Im almost to the point i dont care if they have 1cylinder engines, just aslong as they get rid of KERS
  22. Naaaahhhh I think KERS is definitely there to stay.
  23. Or they will have to use fuel saving modes on tracks with particularly high consumption.
  24. V2s in 2020?
  25. Then we may finally see Ducati and Harley-Davidson as engine suppliers.

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