F450 spied w/ no camo

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dolinc, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. This could have potential! I like that rendering a lot!
  3. Loosks good. I doubt it´ll get 17" Audi rims as shown on the rendering though.
  4. but is it a Ferrari?....um.....nope.
  5. I love how everybody has forgotten the California, I don't even remember what number it had...

    For public there is the V8 mid Ferrari, most will remember the 360 or the 430, I doubt many remember the 599 over the 550/575. I would not be surprised if many thought that Enzo was still in production.
  6. that's kind of ugly imo, something is just not right about it
  7. Front is tooo Sagaris.
  8. whats with all the single taillight designs lately? I really hate them.
    They need to go back to double lights.
  9. Me no likey. The rear is interesting, but the front is just plain ugly. I know it's just a rendering, but sometimes renderings turn out to be right.
  10. I like this.
  11. I kinda like it, I think...
  12. and I hate how the tail light isnt flush with the body but instead protruding like it is. awful!
  13. I would love to see this new 450 car with an ass more like the 456 or 550, but I think Ferrari will continue this sticking out singe taillights.
  14. Zonda raped an Artega
  15. Artega was asking for it.
  16. Shit man, if it looked that it would be fine, but it won't. Those proportions are off. It has the short front, long tail proportions that are popular right now, but I don't really like the look of. Entry level mid engine Ferraris have had a central seating position for ages now, and I think that's how they look best, regardless of the details of the design.
  17. i am VERY interested in the final design of this car. looks damn good.
  18. that is gorgeous !
  19. Its a turd..fits in nicely with the rest of the current ferrari family.
  20. Actually you have a bit of a point, although your Southern ignorance is shining through.

    F430/scud = gorgeous
    599 = nice, but the nose could look better
    612 = ugly
    California = #$%#ing gross

    Don't worry guys, this car will look fantastic.
  21. Luc Donckerwolke called ...

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