F50 ova this anyday!!

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    I would take the F50GT, or the F60 over this anyday. Both of those would probably outhandle this quite easily, especially the F60
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    A F50 would be a great match for this car. Lamborghinis were never originally designed for track use, they are designed to turn heads and be fast as shit. Ferraris are designed for the track, depending on what type of track, how tight the turns are and how many either car could win. A Ferrari would beat it if there were a lot of corners, and lamborghini would beat the ferrari if there weren't.

    Although personally i'd take this car over an F50 anyday, cuz this car is one sexy beast. (Although take a look at that koenig tt 550 marenello, that gives this a run for its money)
  3. Throw twin T4 Turbo's on the F50 and see what happens then, the Koenig F50 would shred this
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    first off hot shot learn to spell. this is america! i understand your 'slang' but grow the hell up. your stupid and no f50 is gonna beat this VTTT. Do you even know what the hell "VT" stands for: Vicious Traction. and the VTTT stands for Vicious Traction Twin Turbo. When a cars name is Vicious Traction you knows its bad ass. As a matter of fact i hope you get run over by one.......
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    I agree that the VTTT would rule over anything that Ferrari can put on the road, because well, lets face it, the Diablo is the ultimate but one point for reference, I think you'll find VT stands for Viscous Traction, leave out the 'i'. But yes, I guess it still does have Viscious Traction as well. What else would you get with 335/30s on the rear . . . :)
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    I didnt know VTTT stood for Viscous Traction Twin Turbo. That does sound Bad ass, hell just the name scares me.
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    It will #$%#in scare you specially the Grant Lamborghini twin gt1 turbo give a f u c k n 2500hp!! forged piston, cutom rod,crank etc. the crazy installer sell their project car i think for $1.8+ M. babe. A piece of shit can out run anything! and still every day use! it has A/C, sounds #$%#! some installer are really out of thier mind! who the f u c k bought the car???
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    You stupid wieners. The name can be as vicious as you want it to be, but the F50 would smoke it just the same. Stop being dumb and retarded at the same time.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Endocles The Mighty</i>
    <b>You stupid wieners. The name can be as vicious as you want it to be, but the F50 would smoke it just the same. Stop being dumb and retarded at the same time.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I have one thng to say. If you add another 150000 to tis car im pretty sure that it could kill an f50 and if you were wondering where i got that number look at the price of the two cars you are comparing. Lamborghini puts out a better product fora lesser price.<!-- Signature -->
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    Both nice, both V12's, both twin turbos, both around 850bhp, i'll take both
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    come on a lamborghini is the best... why in the world would you wanna compare a ferrari with a lamborghini.? for god sake come on. Lamborghini should not be named in the same sentence with ferrari. Toooo much pride has gone into lamborghini's.
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    i would rather have the f50 but this would probably win in a race<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey now. this thing may more traction than the F50, more horsepower, and more performance, but the F50 is an engineering marvel. It is a work of art. And last but not least, in ten years this car will be an overdone Diablo and an f50 will be a legendary F-car. hope no one was offended, because none was meant.<!-- Signature -->
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    gee...i wonder......is there enough t's on the side of the car?

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    Gee, go see F50 Koenig.<!-- Signature -->
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    its named viscous traction for the traction 4wd coupling. maybe its cuz im italian, maybe im biased, who knows but its an affair of the heart when i see a lamborghini. no other way to put it. i really could care less which would win in a race, and the f50 is nice but i really would take the lamborghini. fell in love with them from the start. cant explain. is anyone else this crazy bout cars or a car?
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    I don't care who will win a race a Lamborghini Diablo or a Ferrari F40 F50 F60 Maranello Barichetta blah blah blah. The top 3 car makers in the exotic sports car world are Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche in that order. Meaning Lamborghini is best. This is a known fact not an opinion look it up. I read it in many supercar books. The top 3 cars of the 20th century are
    1. Lamborghini Diablo
    2. McLaren F1
    3. Dodge Viper
    This was a list done by DuPont Registry Magazine based on a survey of peoples preferences, their preferences, and sports car owner preferences. Sports car owners that own every Ferrari I'm sure, and DuPont Registry has driven every Ferrari. Ferrari didn't even make the top 3 I think they made 6th with the F50. A "cheap" American sports car beat them of the #3 mark. Ferrari had the most cars on the list of 20th centurys top 100 supercars at a stunning 10. Good for them none of the 10 cars made top 3, The Viper beat them *cough* *laugh*. I rate the Diablo at number 1 this car is awesome, fast, fierce, gorgeous, perfect, wind tunnel tested, racer approved, #1 car of the 20th century approved. I can't believe that anyone would say that a Ferrari F50 is a better car than a Lamborghini Diablo. Lamborghini is above Ferrari. You can't even compare the two. Go somewhere else and compare your lowerclass Ferraris and Porsches. Diablo is THE PROVEN better car. Dodge Viper is better than Ferrari F50.
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    I like both...but I prefer Diablos becasue they look a tad nicer.
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    Guys, you cant just "put" 2 twin turbos into a F50. The engine is is as small and light as Ferrari could get, because Ferrari's rely on their low weight, suspension, and tires to become reknown for their handling. I respect all manufacturers of vehicles and all racing/tuning teams for their work on automobiles. Without the innovations of one there would be no other innovations.

    I would personally choose this car over a Ferrari F50. I know the F50's performance is better overall but since i'm not going to be racing any of my cars anytime soon, the Diablo has higher luxury in my eyes (I have personally examined the interior of one), and it is of course very comfortable. I havent been able to personally judge the interior of the Ferrari, but from pictures I have acquired it seems less glamorous. So, my pick is the Diablo, but I respect both companies fully.
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    Omg here we go agian. Ok when was the last time ya checked the stats for both the cars. Tell me which car handels? Tell me which car wheights like 1,000lbs lighter(Koenigg F50 GT). Why would in the hell you compare a world class ferrari f-50 witha laborghini? Another thing i really dont think its goes Diablo, McLaren f1 and the Viper? Oh he l l na i wanna see that somewhre else besides america. Why is the viper in everything its not worth lookin at period! ok one more thing the ferrari has way to much history behind it then lambo. Now next time you go pick up your girlfriend i'll go witht eh F-50 and ya go wit da Diablo we'll se what car they climb in first! PEACE
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    Who are you talking to? I didnt mention a viper in my post. And im sure that if you were given a Lamborghini, you would drive it, because it beats your current car im sure...
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    f-50 is my favorite car so of course I would take it. F-50 is not the best car ever built but its my favorite. Anyway I think they are better lambo's out there than this one if I bought it i would certainly paint over that kindergarten VTTTTT shit on the back of my half MILLION dollar car I mean cmon does anyone think that paint job is just absolutley stupid for such a nice car?
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    Ohh yeah I almost forgot Lambo wheels are pretty Ugly and they don't look like they would be very efficent as far as brake-cooling is concerned.
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    Hahahahhaha, this is hillarious. You guys just need to face it, Ferrari has a big name and that's about it.
    I'm glad that the F50 didn't make it 'til #6. For those of you who don't think that the Mclaren and Diablo shouldn't been #1 and #2, you guys need to get your head out of yours a$$es. The Diablo was revolutionary when it came out in '90. The F40 came out in '91 but there was nothin' revolutionary about it; it was Ferrari's attempt to regain market attention. And then the F50 came out in '95...half a decade after the Diablo, and it was pretty much just a better version of the F40. I mean give me a break, by that time McLaren had already made its cars that could dance circles around the F50. As for the Enzo...let's face it...there's nothing special at all about the Enzo; it's not even that much better than the F50. A McLaren F1 LM could beat its a$$ any day of the week.
    I can GUARANTEE you that if Lamborghini wanted to, it could make a good racing production car that could kick any Ferrari's a$$ any day of the week. They might not have been in the Sports/Luxury car market as long as Ferrari, but they have companies like Bentley, Bugatti, and Audi that they can work with if they wanted to come out with an extreme racing production car. Sure Ferrari has the best F1 program out there right now, but Audi is dominating Le Mans.
    As for a girl picking between a Diablo and an F50...let's face it, only an idiot of a girlfriend would pick the F50...the Diablo looks soooooo much better that it's embarassing.
    Diablo #1 Best Car in DuPont? Good, that's exactly where it should be. Ferrari not in the top 5? Oh darn...funny.
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    Well yeahh, it has 720 hp and only 7 were built!! FYI

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