F50 ova this anyday!!

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    Dont get me wrong this lambo's nice and fast but if u put it up against a Koenig F-50 it would sadly get ruined...
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    Il take the Diablo.
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    VTTT Any day. man the F50s crap.
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    Duh anybody in their right mind knows that a F-50 will beat a stupid peice of crap like this.
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    Why are so many Lamborghini fans so darn biased?
    I mean all you Lamborghini fans do is trash Ferraris.
    The F40 wasn't revolutionary?
    The truth is, it was one of the most revolutionary supercars ever.
    It came out in 1987! It was Ferrari's 40th anniversary, DUH! I have no idea where this site got 1991.
    It was Enzo Ferrari's last car, and it was a masterpiece.
    If I remember correctly, F40 was the first road car to break 200mph!
    The Diablo wasn't even out yet. And as much as I love Countaches, The F40 totally trashed it in terms of performance.
    The Diablo was another revolutionary car, but the F40 was arguably more revolutionary.
    I love Lamborghinis just as much as Ferraris, but to be honest, in a real race with turns, either the Koenig F50 or F50 GT could trash the Diablo VTTT. Koenig F50 is more powerful and lighter, and the F50 GT is light as a feather and has huge downforce because it's a racecar. Both would handle better than the Diablo VTTT.
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    It matters worth shit wich car beats wich around a track. if i ever got one of these cars it would never see a track, it would be driven downtown at ten mph ta show off my hot ass car
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    Like im sorry I just though I saw you write and I quote "the f50s crap". Ok first of all racing these two is like racing a nicely modded Supra against a Camaro. F50 handles, grips, accelerates, brakes amazing and is aerodynamic. Lambo is big handles like Penguins on butter and is inefficient. F50 is another level of vehicle. Lambo was made for looks then speed. F50 was made to drive. Another noob response!
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    You're not too smart are you. A FERRARI F50 will never keep up. A Koenig F50 on the other hand, it would be close though.
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    Alright, everybody relax calm down start breathing. First off, Im a Lamborghini guy, however, in no way will I ever say the F50 is "crap" the F50 GT, even the regular F50 will tear a new ass hole in any car it sees, granted the driver is up for a race, now Lamborghini and Ferrari, in my opinion are like BMW and Mercedes, Lexus and Infiniti, Audi and Jagaur, they always try to do better, note that because one car is slower does not make it worse than the other car, ie: the Murcielago is slower than the Veyron and McLaren, yet still I prefer the Murcielago, so, trust me if somebody was to offer say the F50 GT, (to whoever had the balls to call it crap) they would take it over their current ride no questions and treat it better than their wives. Same goes for the Lamborghini haters. In the end its a matter of preference, do you want str8 ballin, or str8 haulin? Both haul, and seems they might (F50 for sure) outrun the McLaren and the Veyron, but its a matter of what car you had the honor of driving first, or the honor of sitting in, seeing even, when your Jaw dropped as it zoomed by you in the minivan, now that, is what its all about... Power to Lamborghini... and Power to Ferrari, both are mans greatest creations.
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    Quote From FerrariLord
    Duh anybody in their right mind knows that a F-50 will beat a stupid peice of crap like this.

    Ur one of the most ignorant people that i've ever seen. 1st, of all NO lamborghini or ferrari is "CRAP". No Ferrari is gonna "trash" the SVTT/VTTT and NO lamborghini will trash the F50/GTR. I'm both fans of both cars and i grew up a Lambo lover but i've grown to love all aspects of supercars.
    Mainly to the person that quotes sumbody test driving the McLaren F1. The McLaren F1 wasn't meant to be a track car and it sucks as a track car. It has WAY to much bodyroll which is PATHETIC for a car over a Million $$$. Newayz going away from that debate so we don't go off topic.
    There's no Koenig F50 that's gonna "RAPE" this VTTT/SVTT. The Koenig F50 is 1/10th of a second faster in 0-60, how in the hell is that "raping" NETHING? Some of you people are just complete moron's. All of you Ferrari and Lambo lovers admire your cars but they aren't the greatest things to set wheels on this earth. So quit being so biased, just cuz u own a Lambo or Ferrari and/or are completely in love with each manufacturer, and learn to appreciate the aspects of BOTH car manufacturers.
    Nebody that says the F40/F50 is unrevolutionary is a complete idiot. Nebody that calls the SVTT/VTTT sucks/crap is even more an idiot.
    Learn to bring ur head out ur car loving asses and make an unbiased opinion of both of these cars. Here i'll give it 4 u.

    Koenig Ferrari F50

    Price: $642,000
    Miles Per Gallon: 12/19 mpg
    Curb Weight: 2712 lbs
    Layout: Mid-Engine/RWD
    Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

    Type: Twin-Turbo V12
    Displacement: 4700 cc
    Horsepower: 828 bhp @ 7500 rpm
    Torque: 587 lb-ft @ 7000 rpm
    Redline: 7500 rpm

    0-60 mph: 3.0 sec
    0-100 mph: 6.4 sec
    Quarter Mile: 10.8 sec @ 133 mph
    Skidpad: 1.03g
    Top Speed: 231 mph
    Braking, 60-0 mph: 118 ft
    Slalom Speed: 72.0 mph

    Lamborghini SVTT

    Price: $259,000
    Layout: Mid-Engine/RWD
    Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

    Type: Twin-Turbo V12
    Displacement: 5707 cc
    Horsepower: 750 bhp

    0-60 mph: 2.9 sec
    0-100 mph: 6.4 sec
    Quarter Mile: est 10.3 sec @ 140 mph
    Skidpad: .98g
    Top Speed: 200+ mph

    AS u can see the Koenig F50 goes 30+ mph more in top speed (dependin on the correct Top Speed of the SVTT). It has an higher skidpad rating (which doesn't necessarily mean it has better handlin but is used to determine how well the car handles.) But the Lamborghini SVTT does beat the Koenig F50 in 1/4 mile. The Lamborghini SVTT is simply gorgeous and free flowin with it's aerodynamic slits and wing. The Koenig F50 is completely sexy with the F1 "type style" nose and sleek body frame that's so aerodynamic it'd suck u into the seats no matter the mph u go thru a corner.

    Now all of you stfu and learn to appreciate both of the cars for what they are. They are BOTH supercars that everybody would dream to have and leave it at that.

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    Double post sry bout that.
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    gimmi a break! u actually made me make an account just so u could hear this. they got the hp wrong on this website, its 850 not 750, and this car has a topspeed of more than 400 kmph!! diablo was designed as a street car, but the f50 was designed as more of a racing car, with its f1 characteristics, u should be ashamed to have to use a modded f50 against a diablo that only has twin turbos, as u can already see from this forum, the diablo is faster, and i would MUCH RATHER take a lamborghini than a ferrari, especially a vttt. i just want to say that the f50 is a great car, but put it up to a vttt, im srry, lamborghini takes my vote..
  14. All of you are dumbasses. The diablo is a specific F1 formula grand prix car!! It isnt even street legal. It has more wings, more vents, and is the fastest car in the world i read it in many books you all have no idea of my knowledge! I have every lamborghini ever made cause im rich and i even have drove all the ferraris. My favorite is the VTTT i have three of them. The f50 is a little shatty around the S curves but the f60 is very speedy. The freakin lamborghini diablo is 0-60 in 1.0 flat!!!!! You are all retards and need to stop posting retarded things. I hate porsche because the engine is in the back which makes the rear end heavier therefore making the tires run the fenders becasue of the squat issue so there traction is greatly reduced. I hate all of the american cars even the Nissans because they have V4s for god sakes why make an engine that produces 15hp when you can have a 3000hp diablo! YOU ALL NEED TO READ THIS SO YOU QUIT SOUNDING LIKE IDIOTS

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