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    Excuse me? What do you mean?
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    Well i am actually an F50 owner, wether you beleive me or not i can care less. I spend plenty of time online, theres a lot out there to learn and stuff. But i dont race 4 cylinder cars, i actually dont race much at all, but yea it is a dissapointement to race 4 cylinder cars with the F50.
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    They have an F50 owner by me & he does race it. He also owns a F40, GTO, 550, & from what I understand he owns 4 others that I haven't seen yet. But he also owns a Civic I just don't get it .

    Elbato I'm luvin that EXT under u're name.

    I'd take the car over the woman too. I have a son & baby momma's are aggrivatin. Besides when u have a Ferrari, U don't even have to say a word & u can get all the women u want. Women only want men's money anyway.
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    where do u live freakusaurus? next to master P?
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    Hey, I am new to these forums, and I got attracted really wuick to this thread, because I own a F50. I dont usually brag with the cars that I own, but I could see that people here has a hard time believing in people, and I own:

    F355 GTS '99
    Mondial 8

    I can tell you that I am the proud owner of them, and a Ferrari dealer, you can visit my shop in Allerød
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    It must be the greatest thing in the world to be able to see ferraris every day. While I love american cars, you would have to be crazy not to respect Ferraris and most european cars. One day when i can afford it i hope to own a c5-r and hopefully i will be able to afford all of the tickets i will get. It is a shame to own a race car (no can say a ferrari isn't a street modified race car) and not drive it to its limits. Thats what its for. I wish i had the opportunity to take a ferrari out on the track but alas...
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    What's the deal with the F50 being no faster than the F40? I guess Ferrari's intention was to make a car that isn't "virtually undriveable in everyday use" as I've heard the F40 described as. Good work - kept the speed of the F40 and added comfort and driveability.
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    Yeh the F50 is a more luxurious version of the F40. Even has a drop top 2 which makes it that much better. I live in Canada and I know I won't be seeing an F50 around here anytime soon. If I did see 1 I think I would die on the spot. Mind you there are some ignorant people that would argue that a civic would beat one of these cars but thats just plain nonsense. People buy Ferraris & Lambos cause they r a filthy rich and can afford it. I'm sure they know theres other cars out there that can be faster but what do you think is going to attract more attention at a red light a Lingenfelter vette or a Ferrari F50?

    Whoever owns a Ferrari F50 I adore you
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    It all depends. IF the lingenfelter opens up and dusts the ferrari the vette might turn a few heads.
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    Jones27, shut the #$%# up. Your ass was already EMBARRASED ONCE on the ferrarichat.com board where you claimed to own those cars, and they absolutely obliterated you. You do not OWN ANY FERRARIs, and you do NOT work at that dealer. Stop spreading your crap around.
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    Here is the thread I was talking about.

    First, he claimed to have test drived this murcielago in the picture while he was in Miami. Well, a few people have been to the place where he took the picture and the place where he "claimed" to have took the test-drive was actually in Hawaii! LOL! Then he claimed to own those same ferrari's and he is just owned by the entire ferrari board.

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    YOU AINT OWN NO FUKIN f50!!! Your nothin but a little #%$got ass liar. GO SUCK OFF YOUR MAMMA BOY! Even if yuo did own an shitty f50 why the hell would you want to??? THEY's the UGLIEST cars on the planet and I'd spit on one ifn i ever did saw one. GO NASCAR!!!

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