faster than the mclaren f1?

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    according to the resent EVO drive, this cars top speed is 400kph (for us americans thats like 245), the car has never been driven past 200mph according to koenigsegg (spelling) it should be faster, but as of right now, theres no proof.

    and i agree wiht whoever said topspeed doesnt matter, if you want a cool car, try a radical sr3 (its in that same EVO) it looks like a lemans prototype but its got a cat, hand break, and other stuff. 0-60 in 3 secs flat, topspeed 125 i think. hella cool
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    i am sure that it can outaccelerate and outhandle a maclaren f1 but it hasn't been done, i hope it will be done one day.
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    I'd just like to point out that the McLaren F1 is ranked below BOTH of the Koenigsegg models. And, it's not exactly the kind of car you could cruise in. I mean, how can you pick up chicks when there is only one seat.....?
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    hey dickhead, the mclaren f1 is the fastest street legal car in the world. no one said it was the fastest car in the world. stop trying to take credit away from the mclaren f1. it has no turbochargers, no superchargers and it is not normally aspirated. it is stock like a civic or a maxima so please just shut the #$%# up.
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    very good reply man.
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    It's not normally aspirated? Then, what it is? An electric motor? A jet/rocket engine? Watch out those details, man!
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    McLaren F1 is the Fastest PRODUCTION CAR in the world...just look at the guiness book of world records. The Callaway is a single car tuned for a purpose. To mass produce a car that can go that fast and have the fastest straight line high speed is impressive. There is a difference in PRODUCTION car and a TUNER car.
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    His point is that Sledgehammer Corvette is a single car that was TUNED to break a top speed record. While this car is MASS produced in large quantities. Taking nothing away from the Corvette engine of course. I must sound like a broken record here....Again for the 100 times...The Sledgehammer is not a PRODUCTION CAR, its a single TUNER car, which shouldnt even be brought up in this forum. Key words..TOP SPEED: PRODUCTION; MASS PRODUCED
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    The 1986 Callaway Vette SledgeHammer. It has over 800bhp and it can go 255mph. I think one of them sold at a Barrett auction for something like $200,000 or something. This car is a beast.
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    No, even if it was, the mclaren still kicks its arse!
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    Yea the Mclaren is perfectly enginerred rather than just fast with a top speed that is probably unstable.
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    All of you are wrong. Go to and under latest news click the link titeled Koenigsegg in Guinness Book of World Records. It says "Koenigsegg in Guinness Book of World Records

    Koenigsegg has received a Guinness Record for the most powerful production car in the world. Koenigsegg is replacing the Mclaren F1 for this record!

    Christian v. Koenigsegg said he is happy that Guinness has recognized the CC and that he will strive for the official top speed record as well.

    Published: 2003-11-24"

    The koenigsegg CC is the most power ful production car in the world.
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    We know that all we are saying is that the Mclaren is a better car because i think at least that the Mclaren is a better engineered car.
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    The CC has never been tested so i would'nt listen to a word they say manufactures have claimed alot of things but never deleivered. Dont you think they would test it straight away to prove it is faster if they thought it was capable. To the person who said the rev limiter was taken off on the Mclaren F1s run yes it was but dont you think they all do when going on speed runs " Yes they all do " because it does achieve a higher speed. The engine isnt anything special the Mclaren F1s is far a better piece of engineering specially built by M division. The CC engine is a twin turbo V8 and because it has twin turbos it means in basic trim (no turbo) the engine is quiet basic). You will also get alot of lagg because of the boost pressure they will be running, not sure what it is but it will be something round 2.1 bar
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    I like the way you think about the things that it doesn't have.That's true cause when you think about it other cars have to have all that other junk to match up to the mclaren.
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    Alright, it's 2004 now. they have to have tested it's top speed by now :p. So, what is it? anyone?
    I do think it's odd that it's being compared to an arbitrary car such as the McLaren F1. There are plenty of faster cars (the fastest I can think of is the '88 Chevy Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette, substantially faster than either car)
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    what cc are you talking about? lol The CC is SUPERCHARGED not turbo charged. But yes unlike everyone thinks there is a lag with superchargers. A super charger needs a lot of force to turn it. Therefore it actually can steal over a hundred horses before it produces power. You don't notice it as much though because it does this evenly as the speed of the engine increases but with a turbo you feel the lag instantly and then feel the boost instantly not smoothly like a supercharger. So yes a supercharged engine with the same power as a N/A engine will produce slightly slower times.
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    Well, acording to the new Koenigsegg CCR it can go 395+(K/h) or (242+mph) So they don't know yet how foast it can go. But if you look at the McLaren It says it can go 356 (K/h) or (222mph). But thats just top speed. It seems that the Mclaren can reach 60mph in 3.1 (sec.), and The Koenigsegg can reach 62 in 3.2. So they are both very nice cars, I am personally a Koenigsegg fan, but I also like the Mclaren F1.

    Thank You.
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    yup.....i agree...its of 391kmh....
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    apperently tha michelin pax on the buggati wont resist so it ill hav to be limitd to 340kmh.....wich is still faster
  23. The McLaren F1's top speed is 240 miles per hour.
  24. Koenisegg CC WILL DEFEAT McLaren F1 any day but the McLaren is nutz so its hard choice to pick one

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