Favorite electronic artist(s).

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  1. laurent garnier
    jeff mills
    paul kalkbrenner
    derrick may
    gui boratto
    joris voorn
    kevin saunderson
    richie hawtin
    adam beyer
    secret cinema

    #$%# your top 3
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    So lol and true, Steve is. Pansy also
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    Yep, there is zero skill in DJing, no matter what they will try and make you believe. I've employed enough of them to know that any dickhead who doesn't mind tinitus could do it. Hell an iPod shuffle could do it. It seem seems the biggest skill in being a DJ is buying a crap load of crappy CDs and a couple of decks.
  4. Clearly never seen a good dj
  5. Yeah, I've never seen a f*cking unicorn either. What is your point?
  6. that you're talking out of your ass
  7. I've never seen Neptune either.
    Can't exist.
  8. Røyksopp
    Daft Punk
    Ratatat or somethibg I gjess
    Or Jean Michel Jarre.
  9. I bet you've seen Neptune plenty of times.
  10. We have some similar tastes at times. Love Trentemoller so much, and Gui Boratto. Royksopp I havent liked since The understanding.
  11. Aphex Twin, for a long time.
  12. I used to listen to a lot of RDJ, but haven't in a long time. Does he still put out new stuff? Used to love listening to SAWVII when I'd go to sleep.

    Don't know how my favorite is, but I like a lot of Amon Tobin's stuff.

    And Burner is either a troll or a fool or both.
  13. No the only fools are people who actually think this type of utter shit is music.
  14. Okay, then I guess it's "troll".
  15. saw disclosure last friday. shit was good.
  16. No I am not trolling this is what I genuinely believe. The only people who actually listen to this absolute rubbish out of choice, are in my experience, complete and utter dim wits. I think it takes a certain lack of intelligence to like this 'dumb' music. I guess its music designed for stupid people who don't appreciate the skill of playing a musical instrument well.
  17. yeah thats why dance music is really popular with students these days. they are the dumbest.
  18. Most of these I don't know but I really dig Garnier, Kalkbrenner and Egbert.

    Good stuff comes/has come from labels like: Ostgut, Mojuba, Komisch, Kollektiv Turmstraße, etc.

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    Also wute:

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    i can dig that
  21. hows the new girl talk
  22. And when it comes to pop i also like

    Daft punk
    Miami horror
    Cut copy
  23. Maybe you should start hanging out with a different group of people burner.
    It seems your "real life experiences" are leaving a sour after taste in your mouth.
    Maybe expand your horizons a little bit.
  24. RjD2 if that counts

    BSBD if that counts
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    Thanks for the link. Been glued to that site for a long time now

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