Favorite electronic artist(s).

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  1. I've met a crap load of dumb ass students. Probably the majority. Certainly all the ones who listen to dance music.
  2. excuse me
    how is the new girl talk
  3. Tiesto
    Sander Van Doorn
    Fedde Le Grande
    Infected Mushroom
  4. I can't stand dance music either but it forces chicks to nuts and my death metal just scares the shit out of them. As long as everyone's drunk, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.
  5. Jean Michel Jarre
  6. whoever made the NFS 2 and 3 soundtracks.
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    Currently in a www.bassdrive.com phase again.

    Some of the better shows:
    The Strictly Science Mixshow
    Scientific Radio
    River City Rinseout
    Rinse and Wash
    XPOSURE Records
    The Mixtest
    Location SixOneOh
  8. Skrillex
  9. Apparently the shittiness of members correlates with their tastes in electronic musique.

  10. Oh, forgot to mention Burial, sometimes I'm in one of those moods
  11. The Future Sound of London
    The Chemical Brothers
    The Orb
  12. LCD soundsystem
  13. LCD soundystem is not electronic
  14. Why, because he sings?

    He's one of my favorites, too.
  15. nah. its just another band.
  16. The Beatles: Were just a band.
    Led Zepplin: Just a band.
    The Beach Boys: Just a band.
    The Sex Pistols: Just a band.
    The Clash: Just a band.
    Crass: Just a band.
    Minor Threat: Just a band.
    The Cure: Were just a band.
    The Smiths: Just a band.
    Nirvana: Just a band.
    The Pixies: Just a band.
    Oasis: Just a band.
    Radiohead: Just a band.
    Bloc Party: Just a band.
    The Arctic Monkeys: Just a band.
    The next big thing... Just a band.
  17. playing dance music.

  18. electronic influences maybe, electronic artists? hardly
  19. at least those bands are good
  21. You're right, LCD Soundsystem isn't good. They're great! :D
  22. Wiki isnt a reliable source
  23. haha someone coined the term indietronica
  24. Shutup

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