Favorite sport to play?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Phanofmuzik, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Baseball and soccer. Football in the backyard is lame. 8 on 8 wide out vs corner back.
  2. hockey like whoa. i wish equipment wasn't so expensive/i had money, so i could get back on the ice
  3. I played ice hockey and I found it to be the best stress relief, especially as I played as a forward enforcer.
  4. Karting/snowboarding/wakeboarding

    I'm not currently involved in auto racing, but I'm sure it will become my favorite sport once I get enough money :D
  5. not including auto racing its ice hockey followed closely by lacrosse
  6. Rowing. Although you don't exactly play rowing as it is not a game.
  7. Right so according to you two of the toughest sports in the world are gay, i can see didnt get on with sports.
  8. All sports are the "toughest sports in the world".
  9. God your such a pussy! I feel sorry for your family that their son is so gay.
  10. Ditto!

  11. In descending order:



    Track riding



  12. Do we have 11 football players yet by now? I'd like to claim right-mid-wing, right defense or central defense, thanks.
  13. im claiming left forward or left mid

  14. I can't believe ice #$%#ing hokey is gonna win...

  15. soccer and basketball
  16. are you from Leeds? I live in a big rugby union town (Sale), not really into rugby either. Used to play it at school, its quite fun, but pretty gay at times having to grab mens bits and such
  17. Basketball
  18. football(real one, not american)

    basketball is a close second.
  19. I'm hooker so #%[email protected] have to smell MY balls.

  20. no screw you, i'm claiming right wing. jk. u can have it if you want, then i'll take holding mid.
  21. My nature is rather defensive anyway, I'll be the RB if you want to be R(C)M =)
  22. my nature is both ways. so you will love me in front of you, because i will help you defend the right wing, and then spring the attack after we've won possession back.

    where's the rest of the starting 11?! we already have w00t as a forward!
  23. field hockey as the yanks call it a.k.a. hockey
  24. id play a soccer with yall.

    pretty bad player but I try hard and am reasonably quick
  25. I was pretty decent when little, then I got all long by 14 and started sucking. Can I be a forward? I'm tall for headers and I'm pretty fast with my gazelle strides.

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