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Discussion in 'Trucks and Motorcycles' started by Mott Power, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. Ducati 999R
  2. Suzuki GSX-1000R.

    It may not be as fast as a Hayabusa R-1300 in the long straights, but it has a better 0-60 and handles the turns better.

    Edit: Spelled "Hayabusa" correctly.
  3. From the two, the R1, faster and more worth the dime.

    But where the hell is the MV Agusta F4 1000S!?!??!?!
    Most beautiful bike ever!

    And the VFR400R?
    Come on, both are selected as the most beautiful bikes ever.

    Pics below.
  4. BTW; I ride a VFR400R and R1.
  5. i didnt include the 1000s cuz it just came out and when i posted this pole not too much was known about its riding characteristics, but i respect ur choice, its my personal dream bike as well
  6. great choices.
  7. R1, the ZX10r is really good too
  8. eh, zx-10r is great on the track but it doesnt have the composure that the r1 and 999r have on the road, the suspension is too stiff, not too friendly for daily commutes
  9. No probs mate.

    BTW: The ZX10R is the most extreme of the new bikes, you need to be a VERY good rider to tame it. The Blade is the easiest, the R1 is wilder and the Gixxer is the best allrounder.
  10. agreed, i would love the blade if it just wasn't so heavy which hinders a lot of its performance figures
  11. The F4 destroys them all for looks, and since the real-world performance of all of 'em is gonna' be equivalent you might as well get the coolest bike...

    p.s. where do people get that Ducattis look good? They just look bland.
  12. the performance figures may be quite equal, but the F4 is made more for the track, it's suspension is rough and the power isn't made for the road, the R1 has more accessable power (mostly dealing with gear ratios, clutch feel, etc.) made for country and town riding and the suspension is soft but always tells u wat is going on in the pavement. a lot of people here have to learn that a comparison is not all about looks and numbers, but more importantly about the actual ride and feel of the bike (or car)
  13. Yeah, Ducati's dont look (well not even close) as good as MV's.

    And Mott Power.......You seem to know some bout bikes, but the R1 was NOT made for country driving.....super stiff frame and suspension and a 1st gear that goes to 156kmh and also the feeling you get is 100% race. Fully adjustable suspension and forks with electronic registered bike behavoir.....no country riding seems to fit a bike like this.
    No SS 1000 bike is made for that, they're all made for the circuit and then 'urbanned'.
    And the Fireblade is not heavy, its heavier.
  14. sorry bout that, i didnt mean to imply it is made for the country, but has a better feel on the road than the F4, of course these bikes are not "made" for the country
  15. I like the 999R more than the R1, but the 998R looks, sounds and eventually (depends on the purpose) drives so much better.
  16. WTF at the lack of choices.
  17. No probs mate.
    I'm thinkin of buying a Busa for vacations by bike.
  18. busas scare the shit outta me man, besides i hear the R1 is surprising comfortable for long trips since it was developed ergonomically for taller people (hence y michael jordan was also involved in the construction of the new R1). in other words, y get another nice bike and make me feel even more jealous?
  19. Yes, ffcourse.<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
    The R1 is pretty good for long rides, but its got a small tank and every 200km you have to stop, with the Busa its 350km and the Busa is much easier at high speed driving (say 240/275 constantly).
    Maybe I'll sell my VFR, tho then I think I'd kill myself afterwards. It's worth 10K bucks tho.
  20. Benelli tornado Tre. It probably breaks and is slow, but I love how it looks.
  21. Get a Blackbird for that. It's more comfortable.
  22. No, its ugly and not as torquie and brutal.
  23. that has given me a great idea... a gumball rally with bikes
  24. Trust me on this. Brutal + Long trips = Bad.

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